DF season 3 PVP illusion discovered - Verdant Crush!

Tabard looks unfinished

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Looks like something from the Djaradin.


Give us back bloody dancing steel intensity from MoP pls


Surely after 7 years of hardware updates they could consider reverting it.


Even after the nerf it’s still best enchant of all time: :dracthyr_cry_animated:


Yeah, it’s pretty spiffy. :dracthyr_comfy_sip:


It depends on the weapon, I have some weapons where the red of glorious tyranny still looks the same as the old one. I’m glad I have the green and red, they were the best made to date. These newer ones don’t convince me.


they made an enchant based off minecraft xp orbs lmfao

Shadowflame has the old school obnoxious intensity. I think primal storm was a pretty good enchant though


Really weird that S3 tabard matches S1 elite gear and S1 enchant matches S2 elite gear. Not sure what’s been going on with color schemes this expansion :thinking:

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*They did later fix the Eternal tabard, but there was also a funny bug where getting elite in s4 gave you the s3/Cosmic tabard because s4 was meant to be red

They bungled rewards in Shadowlands as well. I’d include the cloaks that were similarly messed up but it occurred to me that most people probably don’t even know they exist.

Yeah… how does quality control not catch these SIMPLE mistakes. Imagine if a raiding tier set had 1 piece that was randomly the wrong color? I’m sure it would get hotfixed before the end of the week.

Meanwhile I’m still waiting for my SL S1 black tabard… (forever waiting)

I’m pretty sure they swapped the warr elite and mythic tints by mistake and nobody noticed. They’ve done a similar thing in the past and it never got fixed. :dracthyr_a1:

At least they fixed my cheek fluff poking through the warrior helmet.

They got the season wrong but added the black cloak. :dracthyr_lulmao:

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Ty for posting

dude why cant tehy just make a purple or green version of this seasons enchant??

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Also made this real quick but not sure how useful it is because it’s on a super green weapon.


sunflower kitty cat friendly dragon pals tabard inc

Not gonna lie, I’d wear that purely based on the name

Gawd devs played minecraft and thought of the only green looking entity in the game besides creepers and thought

“Thatll look cool as a weapons enchant”

2 days later and minecraft xp orbs imported ad a jpg later

I knew that the enchant would be emerald dream themed, not as flashy as shadowflame but it looks great too. A must have for druids, monks and evokers.

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