Df ensemble transmogs can be learned by any class

Wouldn’t this be easily solved by treating the ensembles like buying the class legendary token in Legion Dalaran? Having an individual token for each armor type and account wide transferrable letting your main toon buy it and mail it off to an appropriate alt and also doing a simple check to make sure people are of the appropriate armor type or prevent them from using the item if you really want to hold their hand.

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Out of genuine curiosity: Why? The renown unlocks being account wide is nice, but why not try to implement this bug in an intended manner? It would make things incredibly alt friendly, and have the potential to work retroactively with Shadowlands’ many, many cosmetic armor sets that are locked behind weeks/months long grinds from an individual character.


Sadge. I was hoping it was intentional and you’d go back and do this with the Shadowlands ones too, I’ve got like a million grateful offerings on my Leather character but my other armor types are bare.


Just make it like corruption gear in BFA where you can mail it to alts. That was gear and not even just cosmetic.

Stop designing the game for kids eating crayons.
The average WoW player is like 30 years old.


this is only a solution if the currency is BoA.

Is this only for Dragonflight onwards?

Or will it be available for shadowlands ensembles like Path of Ascension ensembles (namely the one that requires you to do all fights as all soulbinds each).

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Why not just an interstitial instead? A classic “HEY YOU CAN’T USE THIS ON THIS CHARACTER!!” Because the alt may not have the currency to buy the thing. If they choose to click through that it’s on them. There is no need to over protect players from themselves.

Also note that learning this on an alt means leveling that alt which I may not want to do yet. This is silly. I should be able to buy and learn it on the character standing right there.


This is unfortunate. Are you not reading the articles? People had a glimpse of happiness at the potential of being able to have this one extra QoL addition.

Do you want to know another easy win?

Make legacy raid item xmogs unlockable on any class. Nothing feels worse than getting an xmog you want on a character that can’t use/unlock it…


guys, game is saved!

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Thank you! They did this kind of hand-holding with PVP vendors. Assuming people were too dumb to find them. And it makes me wonder what they really think of us, if they think we are that dumb, lol.

Y’all should really consider removing the must be armor type to collect [×] in legacy content.

If it drops, just add it to our collection.


This is probably the best solution. Buy on anyone, send it to armor type appropriate class for unlock if they’re truly worried about people reading cloth armor and going “can I use this transmog on my plate?”

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and about time

Thanks for the clarification. And I am glad it’s accountwide.


Well, that’s good at least. Just too bad dracthyr don’t have access to mogging.


Strongly agreed here!

Sounds fair to me :person_shrugging:

Who has the most traffic accidents kids that eat crayons or 30 year olds? :laughing:

People make mistakes, age won’t save you.

I think the problem is that it’s a special currency. If it was for gold I’d be with you but since it is for DragonflightCurrency#001 I would say er on the side of caution.

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