Df ensemble transmogs can be learned by any class

this is big, shows learning restrictions being loosened, hope this can be applied to previous ensembles too that’d be amazing!


While we’re loosing transmog restrictions… armor types… just to the level of WoD/pre-WoD where we could wear/mog the next type up/down.


This was the case in the past and they implemented the class/armor restrictions later.

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I sometimes put random characters in the Stormwind Guard set for the lulz.

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oof i need to get an alliance garrison going now ugh

Would like this to be made to other sets retroactively. I’m not running the stupid ascendent arena again, despite how much I like the cloth robe.

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Id love for this to apply to legacy content! Then i can grind for transmog on one character thats actually good for quickly soloing stuff.

Especially if we can buy stuff like the tusks of mannaroth, or other unique drops (btw i wouldnt epect them to be cheap it would just be nice to buy them on any character that grinds the currency)

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Currently, there is a bug with Dragonflight vendors that are causing them to show more ensembles for sale than they should to the character viewing their wares. Ensemble unlocks are not changing in Dragonflight; the vendors should only offer them to characters with the appropriate armor type.

With that said, we recognize players don’t want to have to re-earn the ability to purchase these ensembles, but we don’t want to create a problem where a player might unintentionally purchase an ensemble of the wrong armor type, use it and then not find the armor they thought they just unlocked. So in Dragonflight, the ability to purchase the cosmetic Renown unlocks will be unlocked account-wide and can be purchased with alt characters on the account that match the ensemble’s armor type.


A fair solution.


Fix spriest in DF


Now if they can make 2handed fury warrior able to transmog their weapons to 1handed weapons.


Shadow priest is average, disc and holy are below average. Guardian is utter trash.

Unfortunately for us we share the same class designer who quit like last month, according to rumors. Which is why they feel incomplete. How’s boomkin looking?

Actually no. The designer who quit left 5 months ago. They brought in someone else to work on priests, and shadow has had several reworks since then. Guardian is still in the pre first draft state.

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While you’re rolling this out you might as well get rid of all the holiday mog restrictions. It makes sense.


Yikes! Heard brewmaster hasn’t had any significant changes either. Rush job it is DF, lol

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Izen is mistaken on a few of these. Mistweaver and resto druid are both better than he’s giving them credit for.

But if you mistakenly purchase something from a faction vendor, you can sell it back for a complete refund… And if some one is so inaccurate that they selected the wrong item from a vendor without reading it, then that’s probably a problem that they have all the time. Seems like some very strange reasoning provided there. Like the kind of reasoning that comes from someone who doesn’t play the game :expressionless:

Talent tree iteration and with each iteration some will hate it and some will love it and some will not even care. It’s literally impossible to please everyone and also if they spend anymore time on it Dragonflight will never launch on time within 2022.