Devs speaking out against blizzard

It’s a bit concerning hearing about the stuff going on, and how it might end up negatively affecting WoW.

“We are creating crisis maps of what we can or cannot ship.”

That is really sad to hear. Dragonflight has been pretty good so far and it would suck for things to get worse as they bleed out people.

And as I understand, blizzard doesn’t exactly offer the most competitive wages either.


How’s this different than any other time at Blizzard? Or really any game company? Devs are like a game of musical chairs in that industry.


Companies doing dodgy things as usual.

Just let people work remotely if they’ve shown themselves to be responsible and responsive to deadlines AND if their position doesn’t require special resources not accessible outside of the office.


the reaction some people are giving you’d think blizzard was literally chopping peoples arms off just to see them squirm.

oh no! you have to go into the office sometimes! THE SHEER COSMIC HORROR OF IT ALL.


Just say you hate workers.


I know. I’ve been at work, in the “office” all day. World’s still turning.


I’m really concerned. I feel bad for the employees. They’ve been treated poorly (with some exceptions) for eons and the blows just keep coming for them.

The game is definitely going to suffer. Has it already started to? Possibly.

I can only hope that all these employees leaving will finally open someone’s eyes to the fact they can’t keep treating their employees like crap and keep talent, which trickles down to the quality and timely release of their products.

Love :dracthyr_heart: to Bliz team and :dracthyr_no1: :dracthyr_no2: to terrible management practices!


I work for a similar company doing similar things, and I can tell you with gusto. People hate crisis mapping. It isn’t helping the situation. They tell us that if we don’t like it we can quit and go work somewhere else, oh wait everyone is doing it. They give us attitude about it too. Nobody wants to just talk, and they gaslight you if you have even the slightest differing opinion.
“hey I don’t agree with this part of the crisis map where xyz”
“don’t be homophobic!”
“no I just meant that xyz is the issue”
“oh you must want people to die then”
“what no I just meant that xyz isn’t pushing the plot forward and holding us back as it is causing some technical issues”
“if you don’t like it, you are replaceable, you can pack your things and go if you like”
and the conversation just ends. it is very very toxic.


Nah some them devs need a reality check with what actual work is.


It’s not a matter of “going to office” now and then.

If remote work is the norm rather than the exception, employees can potentially relocate to areas with lower cost of living, better amenities for their families, and so on versus living in expensive cities because they have to show up two out of five days of the week.

EDIT: There are a lot of laughably out of touch people here who think devs are “lazy” for wanting this. I’d wager these are the same types who have limited or no experience working in high-cost urban areas where more than half of your post-tax pay cheque goes to rent or a mortgage and that’s BEFORE you factor in other living expenses.


Specially with the awful wages blizzard seems to offer.


That sounds awful and I’m sorry that you have to deal with things like that!

Anyone who would whine like this is the problem, not the other way around. Guaranteed. I’d fire this dude.


it is happening everywhere though, not just where I work


These threads are always filled with boomers who don’t understand the situation but hate hearing that some people have/had the ability to do their jobs from their home. They believe work should be suffering. Well they’re entitled to that opinion…

But what they don’t realize is most of these people were hired in as WFH.
That they don’t live near the office.
That they couldn’t possibly afford to live near the office because blizzard pays them what would be below the poverty line where the office is located.

They unfortunately can’t see past their hatred, jealousy, and crab mentality, to see that this really doesn’t make any sense.

Believe it or not it actually will impact something you care about shortly.


this is just factually wrong, and most people don’t mind going back to work


If they were hired as WFH by contract and blizzard is making them come in, there’s a legal problem there.

Most of these people likely were working there before, and thought WFH would last forever.


Or because they haven’t held a job and have to balance work pressures and personal needs with the responsibilities associated with having dependants.

Just anther example of entitlement.
Not one word about what so called ideas were ignored.
No details about any of it.

But continue to jump on the lets hate executives who make more than us band wagon.

Spill the details of what happened or just stop it. Id fire someone like this so fast if it were my company. Maybe one day the executives will have enough of this and leave California for good.


That’s not even the main problem with this. The area where the Blizzard HQ is, is an extremely expensive one. A lot of employees can’t afford to live in this area and so they moved elsewhere when they had the opportunity.
Now when they’re called back they have to make a choice if they want to live in poverty moving back near/to Irvine or just find another job. Some already decided obviously.

This right here. I can’t work from home as a childcare worker, but I’m glad for the people who can work at their home desk and therefore improve their work and life a bit. I would do the same if I could for many good reasons.