Developer Update: A Look at What’s Ahead for Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Yes, I did. Any other questions?

False and there’s plenty of historical evidence to the contrary.

This guy didn’t read it.


I did, multiple times, they talked about about bunch of pillars that mean nothing, and a bunch of stuff they decided not to do.

It’s a super useless post.


YES! I am thrilled to hear talks of increased heroic dungeon difficulty as well as a more authentic Naxxramas experience. You guys are on the right track!


They have to be REALLY careful with dungeons though, it’s fine for someone who played from launch to ICC to have harder dungeons, but someone coming in late might be screwed.


The pillars mean everything because it guides their decision on #somechanges they’d like to or are contemplating making.

This is one of the most insightful, transparent posts that literally gives you every projection as to the direction they are likely to go on things.

I’m sorry you read it with strangely weird blinders on, but there’s plenty of hints in there of possibly major changes to come.

I didn’t even quote their talk about buffing Naxx here, that’s already a list way more extensive than what you indicated to be just the naxx buffs.

You’re minimizing and dismissing a fully fleshed out blog in order to be negative because you’re pissed about DF, pretty much.

Get over yourself, either play or don’t.


removing the valor badge is a bit weird for phase 1 but hey it removes any reason to run heroics!

Don’t need RDF if you don’t need to run dungeons.


“Classic WoW provided this in abundance, where you would often meet the same people from day to day while running through the Stranglethorn Jungle, on your way to a Scarlet Monastery run, or heading into Blackrock Mountain for a raid.”

I stopped reading at that line. I’ll let the rest be a surprise. What a clownshow.


I want to play wrath, not whatever hybrid disaster yall are making.


You’re not wrong. Instead of just giving us LFD so we can enjoy content in the game, just remove any reason to do that content in the first place. Big brain play by Blizzard.


You are vastly overstating the amount of changes in this post.

It’s 2 changes (valor from 10 mans and buffed naxx), talk about a possible third change (increasing dungeon difficulty) and a bunch of fluff.

This has nothing to do with DF at all lol.


Don’t think they’re removing the 2 a day valor daily, it’s not mentioned in there at all. Valor didn’t drop directly from heroics

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The removal of DF is inherently linked to one of their design pillars.

It’s very relevant.


The pillars mean nothing. Its just a PR stunt that every business does, its called a credo, and its all complete garbage.


Good changes.

Very excited about 10 man and 25 man content dropping the same gear.

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So much text used to say barely anything. None of it btw says how low pop realms are supposed to get groups without LFD. You’re also planning to nerf dungeon carries, but at the same time putting in an XP boost. Do you want people to level faster or slower? Pick 1 and stick with it.

“It’s not about the speed of leveling, it’s about how people are leveling. being afk in a dungeon paying for boosts is not good for the game, leveling naturally is. Please use your brain.”
-Buying a boost isn’t natural nor good for the game either but they still sell that and plan to add another one. Please use your brain too.


The pillars read like some horrible HR document, page 265 of my mortgage or the label on a mattress. If you read the pillars and took anything out of it except “We think you’re an idiot”…well then I guess they were right.


These are great changes, excited to play wotlk!


We are exploring plans to add challenges to Heroic dungeons as the expansion proceeds, which would also provide more valuable rewards.

we do not want M+ coming into Wrath, keep the dungeons as they are on launch throughout the expansion.

for the love of god stop changing the best expansion to date. you do not know what you are doing. you are not designing a new game, you are just allowing us to play an older version of the game. if you want to change things up and make new stuff go work on Dragonflight


Delirium has a lot to do with how you ‘understand things’. Posts like these are made for people like you. Easily swayed and distracted, gullible.


Did you actually read lol, they said it was considered but not implemented.

“We want to make sure that continues in WotLK. To further this, we’ve been exploring a lot of ideas that we’ve decided not to implement at this time, such as 10-player and 25-player raids dropping the same items, Heroic dungeons getting improved drops, or increasing the starting difficulty of Heroic dungeons.”