Developer Update: A Look at What’s Ahead for Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Developer Update: A Look at What’s Ahead for Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Wrath of the Lich King Classic provides new opportunities to make a few changes that will improve the gameplay experience in the next chapter of Classic WoW. In this Developer Update, the World of Warcraft Classic Team takes you through some of those changes and what they can mean for the future of Wrath Classic.

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It sure would be nice to preserve 40 man Naxx in terms of availability throughout Wrath, in addition to Naxx 10/25. I’m thinking it would definitely serve those pillars you folks are holding so dear. :slight_smile:

You know what I’m hearing the most from folks I know? Variations of this:

“If they keep screwing with this, turning it into SoM Wrath (and it’s near that already) I’m out.”

If those “Pillars” are so precious, the devs ought to take this into account as well.

I’ll just drop this here for the developers in case they aren’t seeing every single post:

Pretty please stop messing with my nostalgia. :slight_smile:


Will there be WotLK Classic era servers?


Removing LFD and making it harder to use the addons we have that are a poor immitation of LFD does not promote your value of Approachable and Familiar.

On my retail account I have hit the cap of characters many times because leveling with LFD is fun. Removing it and all semblance of a useful alternative (and yes I read the article where you explained the new one is going to be effectively a worse group finder tool from retail) is really hurting my ability to actually approach the game and level up characters to join my friends in wrath classic.

I am glad to see them homogenizing the raid lockouts and looking at specific items to adjust with this change. Good on you there. But doing so while you still have one of the best parts of wrath axed seems silly.

Please bring back LFD or SOME WAY to get quickly into groups. Also give us a way to actually level in dungeons without it being painful. The trip to the dungeon isn’t want made group finding fun and nobody is engaged in the world when they take a bio break on a flight path and then autorun to an instance ignoring all mobs.


You mentioned raid lockout changes, but don’t specify what they are. What can we expect?


Hopefully nothing.


These changes sound terrible. Dont touch the game…


Yuck, leave the items alone, you don’t know what you’re doing.


All you had to do is leave the game alone and you would have succeeded. Go work on dragonflight if you want to create something new.


People wanted no changes for a reason. Good god what are you doing.


All of these changes listed in this article does not bode well for WOTLK Classic. Raid lockouts should not be changed, nor should how badges are acquired from heroics. You’ve already made it substantially more difficult to participate in heroics as-is, why put salt in a fresh wound? Blizzard needs to get whoever is in the thinking chair out, then burn it. You’ve already shown that you aren’t capable of making good decisions, please stop before you ruin WOTLK and make it unrecognizable from the game we want so badly.


Excellent ideas!

I love how you outlined your design pillars for us, a very generous amount of transparency that will provide great citation material for months to come leading up!

So happy with this dev team to see them making WOTLK even greater than it originally was!

Keep it up!


Did you actually read what they posted? Because what they are doing is not making the game better than it was…


you’re against boosting the type of badge received in heroic dungeons?

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We want to improve communication with our playerbase by detailing, bullet by bullet how we intend to ruin it.

Thank you, may i have another.


TBF the only real changes they even listed are increasing difficulty of naxx slightly (who cares, it’ll still be steamrolled week one of it’s release) and giving valor emblems instead of heroism for 10m.


Some players are just teachers pets. While they say they don’t agree with everything blizzard says and does, they actually do, while also knowing that almost everything in that post is nothing but bad news.

From what I’ve read, they’re removing the current tier badge from the daily heroic and only giving us the previous tier. Making heroics less useful in later game.


What about racials? There was some talk about adjusting the Human racial and possibly other racials.


Wotlk is over, Cata when?


This right here is why people said no changes. Because the Blizzard of 2022 can not be trusted to touch the classic version of wow and implement changes. And I greatly appreciate you making this post to prove it tenfold.