Developer Insights: New Upgrade System in Embers of Neltharion

Developer Insights: New Upgrade System in Embers of Neltharion

In this Developer Insight, WoW Developer Chimes takes you deep into the new upgrade system arriving with the release of the Embers of Neltharion content update.

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I promise you, even though you don’t believe it, gear does not have to be this complicated. In fact, the stuff that frustrates people and angers them the most is when it gets this complicated. It’s insane that an actual statement made in a dev interview was “We understand gear upgrade systems are really complex right now so we’re adding another upgrade system and new currencies in 10.1”. Like what?


“Here’s an item that you can upgrade/modify by doing things you already do.”

So you don’t like Vault or the Trade Post?


Not requiring score for upgrades is really going to encourage an even larger meta of just farm the easiest dungeon over and over and over.


System is simpler than article makes it out to be. Just a lot of dev jargon…

But next time, don’t rush things since these kind of systems need to be from the start. Having more things to act as carrots for my gear but not iterating on the actual content feels like you guys are too hyper focused on gear still and not really bothering with the content people do.


So forcing M+ players into raid more… that will go over great.


I like it in theory, we’ll see how it plays out. If it’s replacing the current systems, I might have to hurry and get the storms gear for mog purposes


I like it! Now we can upgrade raid gear like you can with m+ gear!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!


As long as I can still upgrade M+ gear converted using the catalyst to get the mythic transmog without doing mythic raiding, this seems fine.


I don’t like how the names of these currencies are something specific to Dragonflight (and possibly even this content patch). We’re still going to have that problem of “10,000 different currencies,” it’s just going to be delayed until there’s a new content patch and Blizzard changes the name of the upgrade currencies yet again.


I dont think so. You need crests that are relevant for upgrading, so higher keys/raids will give you higher quality crests.

Why not just give us good gear to begin with? I don’t like FF14, but gearing is extremely straightforward there.


It isnt since you still need crests the same way you need infusion items now.

It seems convoluted and like you went over the top making it unnecessarily complex, but I guess it’s an improvement.

Will world drops like primal ritual shell (if dropped in season 2, or new world drop items from season 2 rares if old ones are considered season 1 items still) be upgradeable all the way to mythic level, or are they stuck in the bottom upgrade tier?


Not only that but now we have 10000 mats, ranks etc… kind of much in my opinion.
Gameplay first, this team is doing the reverse lol MORE CURRENCIES!


The blog explains that. The max upgradability of an item is dependent on the ilvl it originally dropped at and from what content. So no, it wont be upgradable to mythic ilvl

Its not convoluted though. It works how recrafting is now with sparks and getting 405/415 recrafts.

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you have 5 mats (4 crests and 1 stone) compared to valor/storm sigil/elemental flux/infusion/concentratedinfusion/sparks so its actually less.

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Yes, it sounds similar to collecting primal focus/concentrated primal focus as it’s done now.

Which focuses on spamming +16 SBG and CoS since that is the faster and easiest path.

Requiring rating for valor upgrades forces doing all the dungeons on both fort and tyrannical weeks.


Also the rolling 10 cap sounds REALLY bad if raid bosses are still only dropping 1 per boss. It will be even more required to grind keys.


If I only do M+ content, will I hindered by this new upgrade system or will it just be a longer/harder dungeon grind?
I don’t like raiding. Please don’t make me raid.