Devastation spec bonuses

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Did i stutter?
By and large unless one player happens to get very lucky with loot drops, you won’t have a full 4set by the time the race is over in week 1/start of week2

That makes it functionally not relevant when factoring design or balancing purposes. If the 2set is only good because the 4set enhances the effect to a reasonable level, it barely matters in the 12 days WF race happened on, citing the previous raid as a basis.

I have no idea what you’re saying or talking about. I was 'lmao what’ing at the fact that your post, the way you worded it, implies RWF raiders do not have their 4 set before the end of the race. Whatever way you intended it, that’s the way it reads. IDK if English is your second language or what. If that IS what you mean, you’re incorrect. RWF raiders and push raiders do splits with alts and community members to funnel tier sets to their mains. They won’t get a full mythic tier set until they’re farming mythic raids, but they’re still kitted out in heroic + upgraded to m ilvl gear by the time they’re getting to the final bosses.

You’re so high on your outrage and wanting to insult everyone as being less intelligent/worse players or whatever than you that you’re not conveying any of your points properly and it’s making you look completely unintelligeable and thus not worth listening to in the least. GL with that dude.


there is no way any of you with working brain cells is about to tell me that s2s rotation is more fun than s3 or even s1. just because its different doesnt mean its good.


No, you were just wrong.


S2 will actually kill dev for me. Pls no


unless YOU happen to be a RWF raider, You personally are not being funneled splits gear, making your experience the same as everyone else who doesn’t have a bank of hundreds of millions of gold to pay out to people-- They are exploiting the fact you can even trade the gear in the first place, and aren’t relevant in the discussion of anyone ‘normal’ trying to do a raid with their guild to press their luck.

Secondly, 0 honorable kills, Opinion irrelevant.

You’re incredibly dense-- especially when saying things like

So long as blizzard continues to not use the tools they have at their disposal to balance tier sets in pvp and pve, yes, your choices here/ blizzards choices here are actively making everyone else’s game experience worse. As a mindless sim monkey you’ll play whatever your guide writer tells you to run and what to get, and won’t care if it’s “fun” or “different” at all. Meanwhile when someone playing the game has to use it against other players, congratulations, if your set bonus is dramatically worse, you no longer have a reasonable shot at a R1 title!

Mythic bench players eventually will get their shot at clearing the big boss, maybe a month, maybe a couple of weeks.

blizzard’s trash balancing history + relying on player input where on a curve average, over 60% of the playerbase cannot be bothered to even do content that requires more than a pulse? Recipe for disaster with boring, annoying/ramping bonuses that are all the rage in pve that never will work right in pvp.

I’m pretty justifiably pissed that idiots are deciding where the spec’s direction goes, M+'s participation trophy playstyle that doesn’t punish you for failing your goal in a lost/bricked key is a harbinger for the rest of the industry as a whole, zero dedication, zero drive to be better, just play for rewards and you’ll get them eventually :^))))

This should be a point system where each tier bonus gets a rating, 5 best 1 worst,

S1 – 4pt , S2 – 1pt, S3 – 5pts would be my rating, meanwhile even if some people are fine with their passive-focused kit and choose S2’s set, even if they remotely like the other two, because s2 is the easiest to play around, aka, the lowest common denominator among the playerbase, it’s going to get picked because it’s simple, like most pve players.

Would much rather have season 2 than season 1 but i voted Season 3.

Looks like we’re getting s2… welp back to pres I go

I’m just happy evokers are being included lol

I’m just happy to be here

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Cool, I don’t care about your minigame mode :smiley:


Free 30% haste is better than any other set piece…

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Give me that sweet sweet S2 effect and S1 look


Sure, if it procced all the time.


I have actually no idea why people are picking s2. More damage is possibly the only thing I can think of. S2 dev tier is so annoying to apply in cleave, doesn’t let you cast empowers as openers, and does nothing to improve rotation QoL while also being brainless to play. I love my devoker but if this is the bonus for fated season I will not be playing dev. They really thought it was a good idea to let the forums community decide this instead of just letting people switch back and forth between sets at will, it’s SL covenants all over

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None of them are particularly fun, but season 2s set at least had value at all times.

Even in high keys this season, packs are dead and you’re traveling with tier still running.

I’d be fine with s1 but this season is not great for dungeons compared to the other two.

S1/S2 also give us more power that isn’t just loaded into DR, which is nice.

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I can see they changed 4 set into only proc after eternity surge. That would be win for all of us. Remove rng and but no longer proc after fire breath

I feel like you just need to play another game at this point if you feel that you had to make a post like that.

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really concerned people are doing these based on the balance of the bonuses, not the playstyle. S2 playstyle really caused some weird situations compared to the bonuses of s1 and s3…

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You actively were encouraged to change to rotation to work with S2’s set bonus and push more damage. Preheat made a guide back in S2 explaining the rotation changes because of the set bonus on YouTube.