Destro lock feels really bad

I found chaos bolt spamming during infernal to be quite novel, after playing with it for a bit I prefer the hard hitting bolts over the current design.

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On top of the damage lacking, every change they’re making to warlock survivability is for all specs. At the end of the day only Destro will suffer and Aff and Demo will be fine.

I like that Immolate and Conflag do good dmg now. That’s great. But Chaos Bolt and Shadow Burn are severely lacking even with Madness talent casting 2x in a row and on-use trinkets and other talent modifiers for those spells.

So many instant cast and/or non-resource spending spells and melee abilities hit harder than Chaos Bolt. Several WW monk, Arms, DH, Rogue, Hunter abilities, others already mentioned like lava burst, ice lance, SWD, and so many more.

The easiest fix is to straight up buff Shadowburn and Chaos bolt damage. Shadowburn by much more, it’s a joke. This may require, like others have mentioned, a rework or removal of crashing chaos. Others mentioned adding dimensional rift, I think you could accomplish both in one solution: Turn crashing chaos into decimating bolt, so you can infernal at 0 shards and do increased incinerate/conflag damage while ramping up shards quickly. Another interesting solution I saw was buffing destro’s base crit. This would directly increase chaos bolt dmg and passively buff our other dmg. Maybe even make crit affect shadowburn’s dmg. Plenty of ways they could go about it. I do have some secret sauce so I think Destro will be fine in RBGs but 3s probably not. I don’t think they are that far off though. They will be if they keep nerfing baseline survivability though.

I’d still be happy with a mobile CDF channel tbh

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Well they are doing some chaos bolt, shadowburn and incinerate buff this week’s, really glad to see blizz doing regular tuning every week.

oh? where do I find? I checked MMO champion, wowhead, and WOW news

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ohhh these are nice ty

Chaos bolt will still hit pretty weak, but with shadowburn and incinerate buffs as well, it should be a nice overall damage increase

How come no one is talking about Rain of Fire?

Our AoE right now is so bad you will find yourself casting chaos bolt in AoE scenarios because RoF does no damage.

I’m only casting rain of fire to get the 30% incinerate dmg buff

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I think people only play ROF to get your ritual of ruin stacks at the beginning of games while you’re out of combat and your shards regen. personally I don’t play it I’d rather use the point somewhere else. I’d pick up cataclsym though, but idk what kind of dmg it does at the moment. if its really bad I wouldn’t pick that up either

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ya my havoc build is about as good lol.

Rejoice my brethren!

  • Destruction
    • Chaos Bolt damage increased by 15% in PvP Combat.
    • Shadowburn damage increased by 30% in PvP Combat.
    • Incinerate damage increased by 30% in PvP Combat.
  • Developers’ note: Destruction Warlocks traditionally shine in PvP through setting up big burst windows, and we feel like they have been lacking in that regard.

Very happy with these buffs to destro. No more green wet noodles.

the buffs are huggge my guy dont kid yourself. Destro is already semi decent

You must be playing a different game, it’s bad in all forms of content


Not like liquid benched thd and had the other lock swap to destro for 2 wf kills

destro just need another form of cc in pvp and with those buff its gonna be a real moster

the real buff we need its our aoe/cleave in pve its horrendous

i guess we are since youve only played a handful of rated games this season

Nope dude moosoaps isnt good at destro so that means the spec is trash and ANYONE that disagrees is trash and a liar and a noob. Welcome to the Wow forums