"Destination Servers"

Sounds like a reasonable assumption, but confirmation would be even better.

Treat it like this, make a choice or the RNG server picker will make the choice.

They never said RNG, they said a list would be provided.

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two weeks out is nothing compared to jumping too early to an undesireable free-transfer target when the 2 week option ends up being superior, like Faerlina for horde for example (not that I think its likely).

They deserve that information, even if it ends up being just those crappy destination realms they need to be told with absolute clarity. So stop being a troll and questioning it.


They have their anwser, the destination is where Blizzard’s needs are met the most. Once you read the entire thread instead of trying to take 1 sentence out of context, you’d see that.


I agree with that. They do deserve the extra info that bliz had promised. I mean with all truth, I bet if they have given the extra info they are wanting to know, this forum may not even come to being a existence lol. On another hand, Ristrato may most likely be right that the servers that are listed of where to move freely could be where they’ll be automatically moved to if they don’t move tomorrow… Whole point of this forum is the people that wanting to move don’t have enough info about the last bit of that blue post. "We’ll post more info soon " or whatever it said, can’t remember a 100%. They haven’t given more info which would leave people in a lil loop of waiting and waiting and waiting for an update of where they’ll be move to if not decided to move themselves… But anyways , we just gotta see tomorrow.

They have their anwser

They dont. You have an assumption, reasonable as it might be, but thats all. Confirmation was promised and not delivered.

the destination is where Blizzard’s needs are met the most.


Once you read the entire thread instead of trying to take 1 sentence out of context, you’d see that

I see what you think is ‘clear’, and it isn’t. Yes, its the most likely option. Some people don’t wanna gamble on ‘most likely’ and need the reasurance that was promised before they commit their beloved characters to any definitive fate.

You find it laughable that they’d eat a 2 week lock out for the sake of a better destination server, I dont. Being forced to suffer high latency and weird time zone play in an OCE realm would be awful, or worse, being stuck in a godawful balanced server like Grobbulus where people haven’t grown out of, yuck, “world pvp” (almost puked typing that). 2 weeks to avoid that? Seems cheap!

They said they will update soon.

Then later after an edit to the post they opened up where free transfers for each server would be and you can see that if you go to character transfer and have a character and said closed server.

That was the update.


I’m pretty sure they did give more info. Blizzard editted the blue post in question. I believe that everything below the “Please Note” box came a few days later in an edit. So if you consider the paragraphs following that box as the extra information, then I think it leans itself more to my and Ristrato’s interpretation.

But basically here are the facts

  • Blizzard is terrible at communication
  • Tonight, when maintenance starts, these servers will not be coming back online
  • Any character still on the realms will be moved to a server that suits Blizzard best

Here are the assumptions I am making

  • The destination server is one of the free servers already listed in their free transfer list
  • Not everyone on the same server will end up on the same destination server, if Blizzard’s metrics determine that is required.

It was not. Free transfers and force consolidation are two separate processes, no update was promised on free transfers, but a definitive final list on consolidation moves was promised and has not been, as of yet, delivered. You are free to believe they would be the same realms and are likely right, but the fact is that it has not been oficially and clearly confirmed. It is also likely they wont and will shield themselves in lies such as the one you’re holding, but that doesnt take away the affected people’s right to keep asking.


Ahhhh Okay… Well, heck, if that’s the case, this is just my own personal opinion if I were in there shoes of deciding, I’d just go to server that’s favorable to my liking… But if theirs a server that isn’t to my liking and I really wanna move badly, I’d most likely pay 25 dollars to move my character to a server or just wait for the fresh servers if I’m still wanting to play the game and so on… That’s just me though as It has been 2 months of free availability to move my character(s).

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If you think you have some smoking gun, hold out, but you will see, maintenance will go tomorrow, and you will have not Blue Post.

Running a feign outrage campaign on the forums in the 11th out just reeks of troll.

I wouldn’t call asking for the communication that was promised a faux outrage campaign.

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so you are sincerely outraged by their fake outrage? Or how else does this affect someone with no stake in any of these server?

Then you haven’t been here very long, it happens all the time here, due to the lack of communications from Blizzard.

Yeah…sure would be great to get some communication. Will you join with us and ask for clarification on this?

Oh, this looks like outrage to you? I stated the options, based on the info available, then get called a troll for doing so. Now I’m just slow walking with them to their final destination. Which is probably them having already transfered and this thread is moot.

It’s their credibility. They want to tank it further, it’s on them.

It’s already at zero.

You stated your assumptions and tried to bludgeon people with them until they accepted them as fact. I do agree its likely what they got is all they’ll ever get, but that doesnt make your guesses any more factual than anyone else’s.