"Destination Servers"

Blizzard not communicating to inactive players where they would go is unprofessional!

This is your main point.

Another logical fallacy. If I do not choose to move and am an active player, do you know for fact I will be put on one of those 5 servers? If you do, cite that information. If you don’t, please get your hands off of your keyboard and go back to eating mashed potatoes without a fork

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If you choose to not take control and move to the predefined free servers or pay transfer to a non free server and allow blizzard to choose, that is on you and while they should say exactly what is happening, you sound like a whiny little kid because you have all the control to go wherever you want. I CAN PROMISE YOU THEY ARE NOT MOVING YOU TO A SERVER THEY ARE CHARGING FOR TO GO TO.

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I think the problem is looking at the blue post in its current state. In its original state the post ended at the “Please Note” section. So the final line was “a list of destination servers will be provided later”

Then they edited the post and appended to it by adding “The free transfers are currently active”

I choose to interpret that as these are the only possible destinations you get. Pick one, or we will pick for you.

You choose to interpret that as “if you don’t like one of the 5 servers we listed, we will provide a final destination in the future and we will send you to that one”

Who knows what blizzard truly meant, but I guess we will find out together in two weeks. Good luck, I hope they transfer you to a good server.

You have no evidence of this. You’re speaking in absolutes you know nothing of. If you don’t know and I don’t know, why in the blue f are you in here trying to fault us for getting information from Blizzard that they said they’d provide and haven’t? Blizzard does whatever they want, apparently, so yes, there is a real probability if we don’t move we’ll be combined into one server or moved onto an entirely different server. Like I suspected, you DON’T know. So stop falsely misrepresenting our positions and genuine questions and get out of here. If you had evidence, you would have cited it, not used all caps.

They have a history of doing unexpected, announced things at the last minute.


You have a list right now. You can move. Unless your plan is to troll the forums for the 2 weeks your characters are inaccessible. That will be fun too!

I guess lets see what happens, follow up on this post when the most likely situation occurs. LOL

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I don’t actually care what severs they pick (or even if they choose randomly among the free transfers). What is needed is a final word on what happens to these characters, which no interpretation gives (only massive assumption).

“All player-characters remaining on these realms will be automatically moved to a new destination realm. We will post a full list of retiring realms and their destinations soon.”

A bluepost detailing what happens next for realms being shutdown would take like 10s and easily clarify this. What would be the harm in joining us asking for an answer?


Unfortunately, this thread started 2 hours ago, the day before the deadline. Good luck on getting Blizzard to respond. (That’s not a sarcastic good luck, that’s a real good luck. I know it can come off as flippant)

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Because your waiting comes with a wait period for your character stuck as unplayable. They want you to move with the transfer. They are not rewarding you for them having to move you.

There’s a bit more blue information on this thread I’m linking regarding the consolidation for those who want to read it. Most people probably have not seen it as it’s “hidden” on the CC forum.

As for the destination that’s still up in the air as far as we know at this point:
Thoughts on Realm Consolidation - Community / WoW Community Council - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

I also suggested a destination realm in one of the first replies without being rude about it where I mentioned the options and suggested Grobbulus.

If people were hoping for different that’s fine! it’s not unreasonable to expect communication from a company the day before something happens.

I’m not sure why there’s a person on this thread who thinks that their game concerns are extremely important but they have zero empathy for others. Sad and very low class. Guess what… this is just as important to these players as your concerns are to you. This type of stuff just shows the selfish nature of some of the playerbase and makes the entire game community look worse. It’s totally not needed. Just educate and be nice.


I think they think if they wait blizzard will award them with 10k gold because inflation on the other server and then they will get to go to the dream server that they had in there head and there is no way to know they are not doing that because there is no official word that they arent.

Okay for those that are on the servers that are gonna be gone soon such as tomorrow i believe, I understand where yall are coming from… Yall want to know exactly where yall will be moved to automatically if yall chose not to move " when there’s a list of where you can move to ". Like if any of them players are Horde and be automatically moved to benediction server, that’s even worse in my opinion lol for that’s literally a ally megaserver… On the other hand I too understand where the people saying that the people on the servers that’ll be closed soon that they have the choices to move now…

Like literally yall got the choices there true which I’m unsure of the other servers being ally controlled but I definitely know Benediction as I said, if a Horde player, ain’t the best choice…

But like Chappys said, we just gotta see what happens if Blizzard doesn’t give out any more info that the movers wants before tomorrow.

Nobody wants a reward. just want them to give them list of destinations where characters will end up like they said they would. If its the free transfers then thats what it is, but they never said that. It takes 0 time to clarify this, you should join us in asking for clarification.


I think the reality is, they will shut down the servers Aug 9th. Do whatever IT work they need to do. And at some point during the week or next week, look at some metrics to plan where to move people. And then move them.

They probably gave themselves a nice two week buffer for planning, but I imagine most characters would be available before the following Tuesday.

Much longer than 2 weeks for planning, this was announced 2 months ago.

Again, WHY? You get to choose. You don’t choose, you get punished with a 2 week time out.

You want that list of destinations to see if the punishment is worth it? Maybe they really want you to move on your own.

“All player-characters remaining on these realms will be automatically moved to a new destination realm. We will post a full list of retiring realms and their destinations soon.” Was how they said it on the blue post announcing this.

I mean… you were supposed to move yourself, if you don’t do that, they’re going to put you wherever they feel like.