"Destination Servers"

We are interpretting the blue post differently. You read it and think that if you done pick from the list of available servers, then you will go to a specific server that blizzard forgot to mention.

I read it and it seems to me that if you don’t pick a server, blizzard will use their own reasoning to pick a server for you. They might not even everyone from one server to the same destination server. They haven’t decided where they will move people and will use other factors to make that decision after Aug 9th.

That’s the disconnect that’s happening. You think Blizzard isn’t communicating because they forgot to mention the final destination server. I think Blizzard has communicated everything that they will, because the destination server will be one of those free transfer targets.



Sure they can pick. Where is the final list of servers they picked?

Breaking News: Blizzard Entertainment does not communicate with their customers at all.

Also Breaking News: Blizzard Entertainments removes RDF over fears that their customers are not communicating enough.

Story at 11.

If you think I’m trolling, then I don’t see any reason to continue. Keep hoping for your announcment bud. I think that’s a generous interpretation of the two view points.

If you have a character on any of these servers you can go look at your free transfer options.

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Actually, it’s “suck it up if you don’t move” to be more specific. You have a choice right now.

Tomorrow, your choice is gone.

IF you call that white knighting, I can tell you, this has nothing to do with blizzard.

but but but they want to be told where the would go incase they want the transfer journey to take 2 weeks instead of 60 minutes.

You’d make a decent lawyer, but the truth is they never provided a “full list of retiring realms and their destinations”.

They’ve given no destinations, and gave no insight as to when they’d open or close free transfers, they haphazardly just closed Faerlina.

I don’t know why you’re so intent on defending Blizzard when they said they’d do something and they didn’t.

“All player-characters remaining on these realms will be automatically moved to a new destination realm. We will post a full list of retiring realms and their destinations soon.”


They will now ignore the obvious and troll you more.

Yet, you waited until the forced move that locks you into limbo.

That’s a troll if anything is a troll in this thread.

retiring realms have free transfers to a specific list of destinations that can be seen today. You assume all the inactives will go to the same place but instead will be split among the options appropriately.

Notice the “will”, and the period, at the end if the sentence. They are crucial to understanding and comprehension.

I should add the word “soon” bears some significance too.

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I actually do not assume. Thats why i’m still asking for that list. You assume the distribution.

You apparently have jumped on the troll train. This is in no way constructive, and is not indicative of our desire for information, or our complaint with Blizzard’s lack of promised info.

You might as well be saying “lol he wants to bang his mom”. What you are saying is absolutely false and you know it.

So your mad that you are unsure where the inactive players will go. Even though you know exactly where the active players can choose to go. You being the active player who has the choice of a list of realms already defined for you.

We need a final list of destinations as per “All player-characters remaining on these realms will be automatically moved to a new destination realm. We will post a full list of retiring realms and their destinations soon.”

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Chappys, do you know for fact that they will put inactive players onto one of those 5 servers? If so, please link to us where you found that information. Otherwise, please get out of here. You’re worse than a twitter troll at this point.

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Keep on holding your breath, like playing chicken with Blizzard announcements.

Blizzard ignores the customer all the time. Your options are in front of you, even without the “list”