Deprecated support article
There is no longer a help button ingame.

Not really a solution though because it doesn’t address the lack of any replacement. This is just another step in reporting the problem. The article remains incorrect with no new solution to replace the original article. So despite this being a website issue(not a bug) , it is a website issue related to customer service that leads to a dead end. Hence why it was posted here.

Tldr: I am not employed by blizzard, I am a customer that is reporting that a customer service option is no longer available with no replacement for it.

This is a player help player forum, NOT an avenue for customer service - who by they way don’t fix bugs or issues. Devs and QA do, but they do not frequent this forum. Hence why I linked the aptly named Website Bug Report forum to bring it to the attention of those who can make changes.

Yet, you had no issue making in a post in a forum, only when I pointed out the right forum to do so in. shrugs


It looks like that support article literally just received an update in the past few minutes.

If you hit your Esc key in-game and choose the Support option, there will be a box with “Provide ingame feedback or bug report”. It was the second box from the left for me when I loaded it just now.


It has been retitled “Support”.

The support articles will take time to update as the change only went through this week.


Not an avenue for customer service? Are you trolling, the forum is literally named CUSTOMER SUPPORT*.

sorry…it’s name Customer Support

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No, this forum is called Customer SUPPORT, way different.

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Literally just a bunch of sharks looking to hop in before a ninja edit.

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Do you? Because you are arguing semantics over a post that was edited before you even replied. The definitions of service/support is not what the thread was about. But clearly this is the only avenue for help. Getting dunked on by keyboard warriors with nothing better to do than try to belittle people.

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Don’t think anyone is trying to argue semantics, just trying to explain what this forum is and isn’t.


Not really, for the issue you mentioned in the first post, it should go to the Website Bug Report forum Nephe advised.

None of the Blue posters you see on this specific forum are Game Masters nor are they liaisons to the development team.


If you feel that it’s resolved, mark it so.

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Alright, I think that’s about enough. I’m not entirely certain why some of you felt the need to dog pile on this but I’d ask everyone to remember what this forum is for…

We’re here for players who are seeking assistance and advice. Yes, primarily on support related topics, but if the issue falls outside of that it doesn’t mean that we cannot provide advice on what they should do.

The issue here was that the Support Article was inaccurate and referring to an means of submitting in-game suggestions and bug reports doesn’t match what the article says.

Depending on your understanding of the situation it could go a couple of ways but let’s go with this:

The Support Article should be updated fairly soon, as the change to the in-game browser went in yesterday. You should still be able to click on the red question mark to open the game menu and click on the Support option. That will bring up the in-game browser where there is a button to submit a suggestion or bug.

Alternatively, you can post on the Bug Report forum if you are encountering a bug…

Now, as Perl pointed out, the Support Article did just get updated so the information should now be accurate.

Sorry for the confusion, Binarynature.