<Depleted IRL> 5/12M 12/12H LFM!

Who is Depleted IRL? >Depleted IRL is a newer guild formed by friends who all wanted to raid together. We offer a strong leadership with past CE experience as well as an active community in PVE and PVP. Our goal is to create an environment that people enjoy being a part of while striving for CE. -------------------------------------------------------------------

Days / Times

Thursday - 10PM EST - 1AM EST (7PM-10PM PST)
Friday - 10PM EST - 1AM EST (7PM-10PM PST)
What We Expect From Raiders

  • 90% Attendance
  • Ability to read logs and improve when needed
  • Come to raid with Pots / Food (We supply cauldrons)
  • Be able to handle constructive criticisms

Recruitment Needs

Fire Mage - High
Warlock - High
All specs/classes encouraged to contact us if interested!

Contact Us

Rae (GM) - Rae#1385
Sondrins (Raid Lead) - Zwei#1847
JJ (Recruitment Officer) - blaze#1374

Let’s go!!! :]

Come play with us!

running pvp and keys daily!!!

Got some trials, exciting!

Still looking for more dps!

5/12M! Come trial :smiley:

Still looking for more rdps for mythic progression!

Still raiding mythic every Thurs/Fri. come join us!!

Shadowlands hype!