Demoralizing shout is bugged and it is why we have this AoE meta

It reads to me that they are buffing battle shout threat, not nerfing it.

Was testing it last night and battle shout still produces almost no threat. Are they sure they “fixed” battle shout?

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Guess who was right in the end?, all of those who were telling me that it was fine that “currilution us nut cusutiun” or that i shouldn’t become a lawyer, feeling intelectually superior or being intelectually dishonest to keep abusing this bug.

Guess what?




This makes a whole lot of sense… Too bad it’s only been caught now, better late than never though.

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The cool downs for AOE taunts are already stupidly long, now you are nerfing their effectiveness as well.

RIP tanks

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Let’s hear it #noChanges crowd, where is your god now? :rofl:

No one is “nerfing” anything they are fixing a god damn bug, exploiter.


I bet you are fun at parties.

But you were right tho, i’m sure the Demo shout bug is the reason you don’t get invited to DPS, what else could it be?

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Loving the tears you are droping while you write your passive agressive comments.


Classic Community: We don’t want changes, make it 100% original, ya dig? #noooooChanges

Blizzard: Ok
Blizzard: We’ve identified a bug that deviates from authenticity and, in the spirit of #noChanges, we’re fixing it to ensure Classic is an accurate representation of Vanilla.

Classic Community: No, we like this deviation from Vanilla! #noChangesExceptThisOne! #REEEE



I seriously cannot believe many posters are actually against this fix.

They have the reference client, WoW running exactly how it was back then. They tested the Demo shout aggro generation using the new Classic client (that started as a Legion client and is now 8.0+), and found out there was a difference.

Why are people bringing 2.0.1 up? It was a different bug, for a different reason, and a DIFFERENT SKILL. It was BATTLE shout.

They also identified a bug with Battle Shout now, but it is not about “generating too much threat”, but how the threat is split. And this bugfix also includes “most healing spells, effects, and buffs”.


Basically “didn’t learn anything from BFA.”
We have no idea if the bug is legit caused by their recreation of wow or was there in 1.12.

We know the Battle shout “bug” wasn’t resolved tell 2.0.1 (or BC) so changing it is disingenuous to classic.

Demo shout was already a decent AoE threat gen for warriors, but it did require other AoE dmg aspects (like the eng shield) to hold aggro on larger packs. They don’t exactly explain how they are nerfing demo.

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Look at who are playing classic? A large population of them are retailers. Im not surprised at all.


Exploiters dude.

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yeah dont fix mage aoe or anything

Demo shout was NEVER at any point a decent AoE threat generator. It is supposed to generate a flat 55 threat on everything that is in range.

This bug is causing an additional 55 threat to be generated for every mob that is hit on every mob that is being hit.

Say you have a single mob, and you Demo Shout. You generate 55 threat. Perfect. Working as intended. No you have two mobs, A and B. You cast Demo Shout. Mob A receives 55 threat and Mob B receives 55 threat. But then, mob A sees the Demo shout debuff that was applied to mob B and adds another 55 threat to itself, for a total of 110 threat! Mob B sees the same debuff on mob A and applies the 55 threat a second time as well!

If you have 4 or 5 mobs being hit, that worthless 55 threat is now all of a sudden a massive threat generator that is producing 55*X threat on every mob where X is the number of mobs that were hit by the shout and gluing everything onto the druid or warrior and they literally do not have to do anything else at all. Sunder? Why bother? Thunderclap? Who needs it? Heroic Strike? Waste of rage! Taunt? Waste of a GCD! Just hit Demo Shout again!

Glad this is being fixed. Busted af.


You are right… I believe at least for some time we will have to endure this kind of thing.

And also this kind of thing. Whiny retailers getting branded as “classic community”.


Well that ‘fix’ will break a few things down the road.

Our very own butterfly effect

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…gluing everything onto the druid or warrior and they literally do not have to do anything else at all. Sunder? Why bother? Thunderclap? Who needs it? Heroic Strike? Waste of rage! Taunt? Waste of a GCD! Just hit Demo Shout again!

Depending on how the Battleshout fix works, we may see something very similar to this, but with Battleshout instead of Demoshout.

By the way, Taunt is not on GCD.

Glad it is getting fixed…

Where are all those “we just play better now folks” and it worked that way before