Demoralizing shout is bugged and it is why we have this AoE meta

Wow players always trying to find the next gimmick to cheese the game any way they can. Jesus Christ people just play the f*kin game they way they intended it to be played.


Regardless of AoE groups, the bug needed to be fixed.

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Uhm…something that was changed by hotfix was most definitely a bug and not “supposed”. Argue how impactuful it was as you wish of course but:

Did you read the QA comment from Blizzard?
They said they found a bug with how threat was calculated, so obviously it did not work as intended.


Why would Blizzard care that the ‘AoE meta’ doesn’t favor warriors? You’re thinking of retail if you want everything to be balanced and fair. This is fixing a bug. It is a perfect understanding of cause and effect. Cause: there is a bug. Effect: Fix the bug. That you don’t like it, or are upset because other classes can grind faster than you is utterly and completely irrelevant to the discussion.


fix reckoning too

dont think the bug is as dramatic as told

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What reference client?


Yes, let’s blindly believe Blizzard when they have straight up lied to us before. Remember the whole ‘YoU cAn’T dEtErMiNe LaYeRs’ lie they fed us?

meanwhile hunters…

The one they always refer to when players disagree with how something was supposed to work in 1.12. IE:

did this get hotfixed yet?

As fat as I remember, it was fixed / adjusted back in 2.x not in Vanilla so … ???

I suspect you ate probably bitter about the raid XP in 5-mans being fixed as well, since it too was in beta.

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It does not help that many on the forums insisted that all blizzard data must be legit correct across the board 1.12, regardless of the warnings many players were giving.


That does not mean the bug that was fixed existed all the way through vanilla.

This change wasn’t made for balance. This change was made because it wasn’t true to the original iteration of Classic. The only one with a fundamental lack of understand is yourself.

People wanted #nochanges. Blizzard discovered there was an unintentional change, and they corrected it. Whether or not it’s detrimental to gameplay is irrelevant. If Blizzard wanted to “fix” Classic, there’s a whole host of issues to be addressed before shout threat.


Can you fix feign death, dead zone range and scatter shot next?
hunters are heavily nerfed with these bugs that weren’t in vanilla

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Did they fix battle shout? Demo shout isn’t holding any aggro and battle shout is still just as bad.

LMAO So many people got owned in this thread it’s insane.

“but but IT WAS LIKE THAT IN CLASSIC trust me, we 2 hand tanked 1-60 in 2004!1111111”