Demonology Talent Changes for 10.1.5 are Awful

We need to take this to twitter guys. Like, immediately. Who should i tweet on twitter regarding class design. Ion?


the direction sucks, this version is obviously less fun to play than the live version, and its also gonna need an insane tuning pass to all of demo’s spells and mastery because shadow bolt/demonbolt/HoG are the big winners on the new talent tree and none of them do any damage or scale with stats lol

yeah bro im really excited to spec 2 points to get 15% damage amp and crit chance on hand of guldan when it does literally 6% of my overall damage in a dungeon and significantly worse on bosses. sign me up to spend a talent point 15% amping shadow bolt (.7% of damage dealt) and demonbolt (2.9% damage dealt) in order to reach implosion on the tree.


Absolutely baffling changes that kill the feel of the spec and replaces interesting and dynamic reactional rotation additions with completely passive damage boosts on abilities that are currently inconsequential. It is going to require a complete redesign of the spell power coefficients of the abilities since demons apparently are no longer an important thing in the demo rotation. Not sure why you would think that casting a generic filler spell more, reducing the number of instant casts, and lessening the power of the core tenants of the specs would suddenly fix something that is not broken?

Ultimately, unless you walk this tightrope very well, the spec is going to become an undertuned turret spec which suffers from the exact same problem destruction faces. You are going to have to plant, and despite the players planning around abilities, a single AOE ground effect is going to cause you to have to drop your fel covenant buff.

Think about these changes carefully, as it is going to leave it in the dirt.


Where the heck can I even read these changes? I can’t find anything.

I couldn’t be more to-the-point than this myself.

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I couldn’t find that cuz it got buried. I had to go to WoWHead.

The most irritating thing is i made awhole thread about dreadstalkers and how they could nerf it for 10.1, and they did nothing about it and nerfed a bunch of things. Then the patch following 10.1 they do the nerf i suggested as well as further nerfing dreadstalkers on top of that. Every patch seems to be aimed at changing demo even tho demo isnt even a big outlier right now.

Heres a sollution, remove demonic tyrant from the game and make the spec more like it was in legion. You guys cant stop nerfing the spec based around how powerful of a spell like demonic tyrant can be, but in reality most demo locks can agree its a terrible ability and we would prefer to not even have the ability at all.


Imagine reworking a talent tree and ignoring two nodes that are completely useless. I will play doom and kfc just for the memes in 10.1.5

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I’d bet they left Doom alone because that’s what our next tier set will be focused on. Kinda like how VERY few Destro locks played CDF before the tier set.


True true. Didn’t think of that

Can’t even imagine why they’re doing this.

I don’t recall anyone complaining about the ebb and flow of Demo’s profile and adding some very boring passive crit magnifying talents … Gods. Why … just why!?

The Affliction changes make sense at least. These changes to demo are so monumentally in the “wtf are they thinking” category.


If this goes through demo is going be to garbage. The spec works great why does blizzard fix specs that aren’t broken…. Which in turn makes them trash.


What a freaking joke.

If casters aren’t turrenting, Blizzard isn’t happy.


I’m torn on this. And let me pre-face it by saying I’m coming at it from a fun perspective not numbers.

On one hand when I read they want to make Demonbolt cast less frequent but be more impactful, that sounds so good to me. I think Demo is super spammy right now and DB is an unsatisfying spell.

On the other hand, the game revolves around M+ and overly designed raid encounters and having to be a traditional turret spec in those environments is awful.


I like it being spammy. It’s a satisfying, fast class when you’re lucky with your procs - and even when you aren’t, you proc enough that it never feels like you’re just spamming a boring spell like Shadowbolt over and over. It also gives the class a lot more mobility to have so many insta-cast procs available to it. Demonbolt lighting up is always fun for me, because it feels visually more impactful than Shadowbolt ever has, and it provides me more gems to do the spells I like best from both a visual and impactful standpoint.

I don’t want to be a turret class. If I wanted that, I’d go back to playing Arcane Mage with its awful RoP turret playstyle amid a gameplay design that forces heavy movement over and over.


But thats the crux of the issue.

Saying they want an immobile turret in the game they are designing themselves makes no sense.

I dont pve, but mobility im sure is more and more important in myth + and raids BY THEIR OWN DESIGN.

PvP is obviously the same. I dont think theres a single turret style caster left that performs or could perform well.

“Let me give you the worst type of gameplay not adapted to the game were designing” is what im reading.

So clueless.


We want to return Demonology to a place where Shadow Bolt is frequently cast

oH YES, Shadow Bolt spam with Fel Covenant talent, right?
Sounds FUN !


Shadowbolt may legit be the most boring unfun spell in the game and in PvP it’s just a slow cast that opens you up to getting your defensives/utility locked out lol. Kinda wild they’re attempting to push for it to be used more when I think the majority of people would prefer if it was actually just deleted from the game.