Demon Summoning

Over in the Classic Update thread, this caused us to do some investigation:

I can tell you – it was fairly straightforward to find the answer to this one.

Summoning Disorientation is spell ID 32752, and that alone tells us almost exactly when the spell was first built. New spells are added sequentially.

This spell was built for version 2.0.1 of World of Warcraft. Also, we can look at our original version 1.12 and see if it it was there. It was not to be found in 1.12.

I’ve noticed that my memories of the game sometimes don’t line up with reality, and it’s quite valuable for us to have the original data and code from that time period to reference.

Thank you for pointing us in the right direction.


Glad this one was cleared up!

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Boy, I sure can’t wait for those people to come sprinting into this thread to tell you how your original unaltered code is wrong.


Pservers take note.


Incoming tantrums.


I assume the reason this number is so large is because “spell” includes all abilities, players and non-player alike?


HERE WE GO BOYS its gunna be a show now


That’s right the lock couldn’t just summon in a new pet mid duel or anything. You need time to free cast for a new pet as it should be. It amuses me when faulty memories and erroneous private server data confuses people.


Thank you for standing by your findings. Our memories can be deceiving and in the end the 1.12 client data you have should stand as the final answer to questions brought up. Keep up the good work.


I can sympathize with this.

It is why before I post something about feral I go and try to double check it. Sometimes I have to hit up multiple sites to find the answer since it is so hard to find old information.

It is even more interesting when you have main’ed a spec since 1.1. Feral has gone through so many changes that it is hard sometimes to keep things straight.


I seem to also remember that there is a slight jump in spell numbering between expansions to make it more obvious where the split is. Dont quote me on this one though. Only reason I noticed it overtime was from doing so many betas and paying attention to mmo-champ’s beta coverage.


I’m glad there is irrefutable proof for this one. No one is going to remember every detail about this specific patch, what was exactly in before, or after. We know that the brain remembers things slightly different every time you recall a memory.
People can and will be wrong (and right) and they have to accept that.


Checks existing outstanding questions list



I disagree with you on most things but not this :slight_smile:

I figured all but a few stubborn people were aware this was from BC? Well at any rate I guess that should set it to rest.


You know it won’t. Someone will come in here talking about how they couldn’t find it in the patch notes.

I actually remember the pet despawning while you summon a new one. Maybe its because i never played on private servers though.


Awesome that you guys have the original code. Lots of people are taking their experience on private servers to heart and that shouldn’t tarnish the game.

Keep up the great work and looking forward to some updates soon!

Also, if warlocks turn out to be too difficult to figure out their spells, just delete the whole class. :slight_smile:


I mean, it was decade ago and memories are highly subjective and is a reason why eye witness testimony in court is taken with a grain of salt unless you have some verifiable photographic memory.


Most likely, because I remember the whole “killing rabbits” thing ( where there were spells that occurred invisibly in order to advance a quest, and there were multiple such spells that used to be possible to find on WOWHead years ago.

Is a nice thing you guys (CMs/Dev) close to the community.