Classic Update - March 1

This better mean what I think it means :slight_smile:


Sweet, thanks for the update!

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Thank you! Looking forward to the growing communication. This is what we needed! Communication has to start somewhere. I know I’ve given you guys some flak over it but this is awesome and a huge step in the right direction. Keep it up!


I always thought your Demon went into daze until you summoned your next demon!
I member making my dizzy imp suffer until he reincarnated. That’s what you get for talking back buksy.

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So hyped! Thanks for the update. This project is what brought me back to playing wow.


I believe it is still incorrect to say that warlock pets despawned immediately upon a new summon beginning to be cast. The Debuff “Summoning Disorientation” is supposed to take effect on the existing demon for the duration of the summon cast. If the cast is interrupted or stopped. The original demon is supposed to become unstunned and available for continued use. There are no patch notes showing this was ever added or changed, documented or undocumented. Kaivax please check and see if the debuff “Summoning Disorientation” existed in the old codes. If so, then that is the reason for the discrepancy between what players remember, and what the old code says. The missing piece if you will.


I feel like loot sharing should be in but there has to be some sort of rules for it so I can’t just make a group with 2 other people and we don’t just roll need on everything and be like “Oh… You wanted that epic staff? Well give me 50G and it’s yours.” because that would be CANCEROUS for the game.

There was a very rude thread about it today that got deleted. But before it was deleted someone made a post linking like 3 or 4 Vanilla videos clearly showing demons disappearing as soon as the warlock begins another summon cast.

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I am so happy we got some news! Thank you.

I mostly am curious to see if that debuff existed since old comments on wowhead show it being referenced in 2.1.3 but all the old notes dont show its addition or change, and that would have been a huge gameplay change for locks. I just don’t want it written off until they search for the actual debuff, and maybe we could even find out when it was actually implemented :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the update.

I’m going to assume the “Soon” is refering to Pax East here in a few weeks for the next major update if we’re not talking months.

I also foresee a playable beta coming in the next few weeks as well (Hopefully)

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Oh boy…what does this mean?

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Watch the Classic presentation from Blizzcon. There’s an example of fixing light fall off in Elwynn and fog effects at the dwarf/gnome character creation screen.

Ah hell. Spoon to mouth, here you go.

It’s clearly not going to be 100%, but that’s okay. I’m not expecting 100%.


Even though this isn’t anything “new”. I still appreciate the update and letting the community know that the project is unaffected by recent events. Thank you for your work!

Probably talking about textures and shaders… Lighting effects… Particle density… That sorta deal.

If you want an example look at some side-by-side comparison pictures from the Classic Panel from Blizzcon. (There’s roughly a 45 or so minute video on youtube)


I was just posting about that!

Thank you for the carefully worded update, I see what youre getting at. Bye.

Apologies if this has been asked and I missed it, but will we be able to download the client before launch so that as 12:01 am on launch day we can log in and play or will the client not be released until launch day?


Just please have vanilla weather effects. When it rains in tirisfal I want it to be pouring rain not a light drizzle.


Read between the lines people.

  • they’ve made it clear they’re not fixing every difference between the new client and 1.12. We may see differences in the interface, settings, chat, mail etc
  • they’re acknowledging the importance of community feedback and have fixed things they missed. This suggests to me that they see the value in a beta to clean up any outstanding discrepancies so they can recreate the original 1.12. Beta confirmed IMO.
  • they’ve confirmed summer and given current timeframes an August release is looking highly likely at this stage(speculation).