Demon Hunters are Ridiculously OP, and Here's Why

I remember a couple years ago when I was an immature, raging 10 year old who still didn’t fully understand how to play, I made an idiotic post ranting about how fury warriors are op, without solid evidence and when I had terrible gear(and therefore was getting clapped by basically everyone). This is different though, because I now have decent gear and solid evidence(Rant incoming)-

Demon hunters are way to powerful. One reason right off the bat is that I’ve been literally one-shotted by them before in pvp, and this is when I have decent gear. Another reason is that they have some form of self-healing ability that allows them to take on 3 enemy players at once, actually win, and then walk away with full health. They literally have a free combat rez(at least in Vengeance’s case) through the “Last Resort” ability. Even when they’ve used all this up they can still deal insane amounts of dps in a short amount of time, have incredibly high mobility and are effectively immune to fall damage. They’re quite easy to play which combined with all their overpoweredness makes them even more deadly. They have several anti-magic abilities, a metamorphisis, Vengeance DHs get a permanent 10% damage reduction. They give a 5% magic buff to any raid party they join and are one of the strongest and most popular tanking classes in the game(for Vengeance spec). And, to top that all off, they have a very toxic playerbase. They think they are better than everyone, they will make you know that, and they will go out of their way to taunt, humiliate, and slaughter you, then laugh and dance at your rotting corpse. Obviously not all demon hunters are like that but still, it’s an issue. I may be wrong about some of these statements, I can’t tell, but I won’t change my mind. There is no way you could convince me demon hunters are not even the slightest bit overpowered when they have a combat rez, insane dps, a one-hit kill ability, superior mobility to many other classes, immunity to fall damage, anti-magic abilities, and damage reduction.

And don’t bring up the “git gud”, “just get better gear”, and “You’re just bad”. Buddy I’ve seen demon hunters annihilate players of various item levels, and I’ve seen one take on 3 MAX LEVEL PLAYERS AT ONCE AND EMERGE VICTORIOUS AT FULL HEALTH. Gear or skill isn’t gonna do anything against something that requires little skill but is so powerful at the same time.


I mean you’re 189 item level, you don’t have decent gear, you would get one shot by anyone. Also a pally complaining about dh healing is so funny.


I don’t get oneshotted by everyone, And I said that item level doesn’t matter. The hunt covenant ability can be exploited to do insane amounts of damage on hit, which is the one-shot ability I was talking about.
I’m not complaining, I’m pointing out the healing factor because, again, I literally saw one demon hunter take on 3 players at once and heal to full health.
I suppose I may not have decent gear atm, but that’s completely besides the point, and Demon hunters are the only ones to have ever one-shotted me like that before. I’ve managed to beat players with better gear through coordination and persistence(and also spamming every ability in existence, but it works)

this x 1000


There’s nothing funny about it, you guys are being stupid. You have an ability to heal for 25% of maximum health and there’s one that heals you when you use chaos strike.
And you’re completely ignoring the countless other points I made. I don’t see what you’re trying to achieve here

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ive seen pallies WoG themselves for 27k.

they have no right to complain about DH leech bruh lol


Yea those are only some paladins. I have every right to complain and again, you’re ignoring all the other points I made. Just shut up if you don’t agree with me don’t comment in the first place.

Edit: Also how much healing WoG does has nothing to do with demon hunters or the topic of this post. A demon hunter shouldn’t have the healing capability to take on 3 players at once and emerge at full health, that’s just stupid

dh’s aren’t op, you just need to learn to counter them. as a ret you have bubble, not to mention shield of vengeance. you can normally see right before a dh uses the hunt (ie there’s a cast time) and you can either prevent the damage with bubble or use shield of vengeance and have it pop onto them so it mitigates the damage and punishes them for using it. i’m sure way better rets can chime in and give you a million better strats than i potentially could.

the others are also right when they say you have no room to talk about dh healing haha. i’ve had wogs crit for 34k so far.

i think with better gear and more practice you’ll have an easier time :slight_smile:


The Hunt doesn’t even do that much damage honestly


/wink :wink::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

DH are tough, but once you learn how to counter them its not so bad. But I agree that one shot damage has more than gotten out of hand. And Thats primary because.

Healers of any class are way too op. Bring back the days when one dps could solo a healer(if they don’t get peels). Then you wouldn’t need all this absurd one shot burst and ludicrous levels of CC to kill someone when a healer is around.

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That’s hard to hear from Pally who can heal to 100 percent instantly , :thinking:


So you’re like 12 now?

No you don’t.

Probably because you have like 25k hp lol

Only when those 3 people are as badly geared as you.


Not up front anymore. It’s main damage dealer is its dot component which you can’t even reflect or parry blizzard pls fix.

1: I’m 14 and approaching 15, not twelve.
2: I just felt ilvl 189 was somewhat decent compared to my character in previous expansions, I suppose I overestimated it but still.
3: I have roughly 29k hp, getting near 30k. And a one-hit kill ability is still really stupid and op because even if it doesn’t kill you in one hit it’s still gonna take a massive chunk of your health and leave you at like 10% health or lower.
4: I have no idea what gear those people had, and neither could you because you weren’t even there, but They were obviously max level and they had at least as good gear as me. A demon hunter still shouldn’t be able to take on 3 players at the same time and win, you’re missing the point.

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lol my mistake.

Cool. It’s still terrible. When you only have 20-something thousand hp and 8% vers, you’re gonna get absolutely wrecked by anyone with actual good gear, regardless of their class. It really seems like your issue is with how gear works, not class balance.

Actually, I do have an idea. Because they got 3v1d by a dh lmao


Maybe if you were good and had decent gear you’d realize that this isn’t a dh-specific issue. You’d have just as easy of a time in that kind situation as any other class.


I said that gear doesn’t matter because I’ve seen DHs take down players with better gear.
And there was a noticeable difference in difficulty between my fights with DHs and other classes, DHs always seemed to kill me the quickest, and I’ve never killed one in shadowlands, while against other classes I have occasionally beaten players with better gear.

Actually you never said that. But if you’re saying it now then you obviously have 0 clue what you’re talking about. For better or worse, the power difference between ivl 190 and ilvl 226 is absolutely massive in pvp right now.

Then you’re bad. Sorry, I really just don’t know how else to say it. But If you want advice then you can ask for it. There’s a lot you can do to get better at fighting DH as ret without crying on the forums for them to be nerfed.


You mean lay on hands? That one-time use forbearance ability with a horrendous cooldown? Stop complaining about paladin healing on a post about how op demon hunters are.
And healing doesn’t matter if they cast a cc and/or can get enough dps in a short amount of time(Which most dps specs with decent gear can do). Chaos strike has a much, much shorter cooldown than Lay on hands, Plus the healing orb that heals DHs for 25% health spawns when they get a kill. Plus they can heal without sacrificing dps, But word of glory costs 3 holy power, sacrificing the amount of damage you could of dealt with another holy power ability. Word of glory, flash of light, and lay on hands are the only healing abilities ret has, flash of light doesn’t do as much healing as WoG and depletes your mana in like 4-5 heals, plus casting it in the middle of combat is a really stupid idea unless it’s safe and nobody is attacking you. There’s also justicar’s vengeance but that ability is dogs*** because it does a third of the healing of word of glory but is even more expensive, and it doesn’t even do that much damage, unless you manage to use it on a stunned opponent, which is difficult because most stuns either have a short duration or are lifted when they take damage(or both), and building up 5 holy power can eat up a lot of that time due to universal cooldown(At the very least it takes 3 seconds by using WoA followed by BoJ).

He means word of glory you goof. Lmao.