Demon Hunters are Ridiculously OP, and Here's Why

I did say that, because I SAW DHs TAKE ON PEOPLE WITH BETTER GEAR. You’re just being toxic because you’re a DH yourself and you will never have any idea what it’s like playing a class that actually requires skill and isn’t so horrendously op. Seriously just shut up you shouldn’t have even commented in the first place if you didn’t agree with me but instead you’d rather go out of your way to insult me and blame it on me because even the thought of the fact that your broken class is even the slightest bit op makes you shudder.
I didn’t even directly ask for them to be nerfed in my post, and this isn’t crying, I went on a rant because I felt DHs were simply too op(And yes, I do in fact still get clapped by most players, but I could still easily see the huge difference in power level compared to other classes I’ve encountered.) You can’t just pull up the “you’re bad” card the second any non-DH who doesn’t have perfect gear gets rightfully pissed at a game where they are constantly ganked by cowardly wm players(who often immediately run away when they actually fight back and get a good amount of damage in). Healing isn’t gonna do s*** if I get one-shotted before I can do anything, and even without that it only delays the inevitable because I take too much dps too fast, and again casting word of glory basically throws away half my dps done(Plus you can’t even get more than a couple down because you run out of holy-power generating abilties trying heal as fast as possible).
Shut up and stop being unnecessarily toxic and defensive like the rest of your awful playerbase.

And now you’re an immature, raging 13 year old who still doesn’t fully understand how to play. Congratulations.


Buddy, for the last time, casting word of glory SACRIFICES DPS. And I have no idea where you saw a pally WoG for 34k, but only a small portion of paladins can do that. My Words only heal me for like 20% percent of my max health, and I almost never score a crit with them. You’d need a truckload of buffs, the healing hands talent, and enough luck to get a critical in time. And I’ll say it again, healing only delays the inevitable because if someone managed to do enough damage to you to get you that low in the first place they can easily do it again. I’m not even the only one to complain about this, But your toxic playerbase just gangs up and insults anyone who does this and start complaining about paladins(Bh get out of here with that bulls. Paladins literally have the worst mobility in the game, are heavily gear dependent, and their only major strengths are burst, bubble, and self-healing. Their damage getss quite inconsistent(I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve gotten a player to like 5% health with burst but then at the last second they run away and heal because my burst stopped and I can’t catch up with anybody because of our mobility)
Screw you, screw your broken class, stop commenting on this post and have a good day.

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From someone not stuck at 190 ilvl lmao

Because your gear is awful and apparently you don’t know how sera or wings works.

Jesus Christ.

It’s less complaining about paladins and more complaining about you. You clearly have no idea how your class works, how my class works, how gear works, or how pvp in general works. You don’t know what pvp balance is like right now because you’ve never played any rated pvp and all the unrated pvp you’ve done has been in some of the worst gear possible in a season that’s become infamous for the power gap between gear tiers. So even if I agree with you on some level about dh damage being pretty crazy right now, I honestly don’t think you have any right complain about it. Because you wouldn’t know.


Sorry to break your bubble …

  1. You are undergeared, you have only 8% vers. I think as melee you need at least 20% in pvp

  2. I think you are using the wrong leggo for pvp. Most pallys I’ve seen (and got damaged by lol) use Final Veredict

  3. Havoc is quite annoying to fight as a mage ( I detest when they got behind me just by jumping) but the spec is not as nearly as OP as it was in BFA

  4. You claim Havoc take no skill but you play Ret, one of the best specs to 1v1… and that everyone wants to be nerfed because of the stupid dmg Wings + Seraphim + Divine toll do, Final Veredict as well. There some videos of Ret pallies one shotting players in BGs


Keeps you alive during the small havoc DH burst window.

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am i going insane or did my post just mysteriously vanish


No it did disappear

wtf… gamers rise up

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Some debauchery going on here

Wait were you in korthia last night

i was, yeah

hoj or blind them on the hunt and then watch them do 0 dam for like 3 min while they wait on cd. Then laugh when they start faking

Were you in the anti Alliance group last night with shadowcourt

yee, i was

And Who are you Again?

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might wana raise that honor lvl before you come complaining about anything…

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LOL hey again

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ayyyy lmao hello again

My god you’re crying about dh when ret is op as fk right now get out of forums clown