Demon Hunter customization

I feel like everyone has been asking for more dh customization for years, and I know the couple new hair colors we got is exciting, but i think its time we get a little more.


It’s not just a matter of asking about them, it’s a debt owed to Blizzard since Legion, the customization of Metamorphosis was a promise made and never fulfilled.


I want more races too. Imagine how glorious a Draenei, orc, or even void elf would look.


I’d be satisfied with having our demon form tattoos the same color that we pick on the customization screen. As a person who goes for t-mog/mount “skinergy”, having my glaives clash with demon form tattoos irks me. :frowning:

Warlocks are getting pet color customizations, druids have an abundance of new forms, and yet every DH looks the same when in meta. Hopefully soon we get something announced.


Have you got a link for this? I’d be curious t, know what was said by Blizzard about it around the time first hand.

Fel these forums are dead…

I’ve been grinding out a legion Demon Hunter, never actually played the legion story on a DH, and it’d be really nice if we could change the eye color with at least the same range of colors as the tattoos.

Course It’d also be nice to have options for the changing of the color our powers and our demonic aspects Form/Wings…


What I want is something I doubt we’ll ever get.

Ever since Shadowblands (which I admit, I didn’t play much, but definitely respected aspects of) I was intrigued by the idea of my demon hunter having access to abilities that look “purified” so to speak. Elysian Decree and The Hunt, in particular. I’ve tried to cling to that aesthetic as much as possible since then. The glyph of mana-touched souls and to a much lesser extent, the glyph of crackling flames both helped with this a bit, but I took both decree and hunt specifically for this purpose.

With the latest change that poured fel barf all over Elysian Decree and The Hunt, I’m pretty sure I’m out of luck though.

Access to different “flame” colors for all abilities or at least our eye colors would sure be nice, too. It’s funny, on my warlock I always wanted green fire and when it was finally made available, I went right in and (after a lot of pain) got it. Now, on my DH, I…kind of want the opposite. Ah well.

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They also promised that when original tbc was released you could change the dance your character does. But they never followed through with it. I think that debt should also be cashed in while we are at it.

I personally think that this would not good. If blizzard expanded races it should be kept to elves only.

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I understand where you are coming from, but like. I really just want non elf demon hunters. lol.

Yea but space goat DH’s is where it would just be stupid imo. But that is just me.

“Because I just want” is awful for the game.
Let’s not further diminish and destroy lore

There’s a toy that randomly changes your race and lasts for 60 minutes. You can be whatever race you feel like, pretty much indefinitely

Customization for Meta form would be amazing.
Claws option.
Hooves option.
Fel hunter esk dreadlocks would be dope.
Wing options.
Permanent wings option.

The dream is “soar” like flight.
Picture this:
During the cast time, you enter a faux-meta form. Launch into the air. Dragon flying/soar buttons. Basically a simple reskin of the drakthyr soar ability already ingame. Meta breaks when you land.
Wouldn’t that be sick?


i want more customizations for my Meta form.


It’s not just because I want. There were some non elven demon hunters that were from some now outdated lore. Combined with the fact that wow was originally going to have that as a class option at launch for all races.

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Can you link the source? All races can hunt demons. Only Blood elves and night elves can be demon hunters though. Night elf’s personally affected by the burning legion wanted to do the ritual for revengeand blood elves were allies of Kael’thas and therefore illidan. Their motivations either altruistic (ya right) or more likely power hungry, being already addicted to fel magic

No. Look it up yourself. It’s readily available info.

So just google non-elf demon hunter fanfic or what?

12 hour cool down and it vanishes when you log out… I’ve tried using alts to hump it around to places where my main could benefit from it. So you can’t switch toons and use it.

Finally, it’s bloody random, no guarantee to get the race and body type you want.

P.S. Blizzard is already making classes for more races. At some point in the future Demon Hunter will get the same treatment, how many races it expands to we don’t know but it will eventually expand.

That’s just absurd. Why?
Why when eroding lore, like in shadowlands, loses them subs? Why please the minority at the cost of scorning the majority?
To be clear, I’m fine with expanding classes to races where it can be justified ingame. Kul Tiran paladin? Sure, why not?
Human Druid? Idk, but I’m sure you can find a way to make it work. Everyone is part of nature. Gilneans can so maybe they teach humans.
But Paladin forsaken? Light = pain and makes zero sense. Priest is bad enough.
Legion has already been pushed back…
You know who’d gouge out their eyes for no reason? A psychopath.
You know who’d actually want to play a DH panda? A psychopath. Or troll.
I don’t want to yuck anyone’s yum, but expecting the game to just allow that is insane. Stick to the endless transformation toys and stop pushing insanity that ruins the game for us normies