Demon Hunter Cant jump

Just a bug I would think but its really annoying, but some times I am just jumping around and suddenly I cant jump any more. The only 2 ways I have found a solution to this is. Mounting and dismounting fixes this at times or logging out. Now in the middle of a raid or pvp fight this could ruin your day.


I…have never encountered this. Might be worth posting over on the tech support forums.


Has happened to me twice in the new raid that I’ve been trying to do for the past hour now. It’s horrid.

Ive had this happen to me twice…once last night, randomly in zuldazar…then eventually it just works again…i just thought my space was stuck or something…but good to see there is some sort of bug

It just happened to me again…different computer this time, same temporary not being able to jump for a minute or so.

This was happening to me in bgs today. 0.o

The fix was i just had to die.

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Holy necro Batman!

Necro maybe indeed, but apparently still relevant

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Bah, as necros go, this one was barely starting to decay. Only 7 months. A sufficiently qualified doctor/vet/horse heart surgeon could bring that back to life.

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necro, but still a problem. Another way Ive found to fix is to use vengeful retreat and hit spacebar during the animation. how have they not fixed this


Just flung myself off a cliff before realizing I couldn’t jump or glide with the spacebar. Dying fixed it.


I use to get this, maybe the start of BFA by memory and it just went away and I’ve had it twice in the last couple of days, even new PC now.

I get this occasionally.

A message often appears saying “you can’t do that right now,” or something. I think what’s happening is that the game thinks you’re already jumping, so it’s trying to initiate a glide, but then quits when it realizes that you’re still on the ground.


If you’re Venthyr Door of Shadows works to fix this issue too!

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Happens to me all the time… drives me absolutely insane.


same thing is happening to me right now… and i know the space bar is working as im tying here as well as in game i can press spaces during chat to other players and trade chat… but i cannot jump currently in wow… happened to me at one point in torghast too … and i even had the power chosen for gliding heals u for 3% max health … anyway … its happening to me again right now… … can we get a permanent fix for it please…

toon: Lightsbeacon
server dalaran

just incase u wanna run diagnostics… time is same as this message

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Happens to me all the time. Found that thread on google because I was wondering if DH jumping was bugged for real of if it was an issue with my keyboard. Indeed, after mounting and dismounting jumping is working again! There’s definitely a bug making DH unable to jump at some point.

I just had this happen to me the other day in the middle of a jumping puzzle… was great…

This happened to me twice on sire. Odd bug.

This has happened a few times to me also. Logged out / on again seemed to fix it.