Delete plzzz

Delete plz

Bump! Recruiting for core spots!

Bump! Looking for a Holy Pally and Resto Sham!

Bump. Need Locks and other exceptional range dps to fill out our roster!

Boop! :bug:

:space_invader: Bump :space_invader:

Bump!! :turtle: :octopus:

woop! Denathrius down :bomb:

Looking for competitive DPS to finish up our Mythic roster!

boop! :sauropod:

Looking to fill the last few spots for our Mythic roster!! :sloth:

Bump :bug:

boop! :bomb:

Bump Bump <3

2/10M now! :bomb:

Looking for a boomy!

bump! :chicken: where the boomchickens at?

Boop~ :sloth:

Looking for a healer :unicorn:

Bump! To priority is Holy Pally!