[h] healer lf m+ and raiding guild

A bit about me

  • I can raid on any day or at any time.
  • I am looking for a guild with an active Discord
  • If you are looking for a bench player - I am not it. I show up to every raid because I expect to get in. This is why I put so much effort into making sure I earn the spot.
  • I like to have a good time, but also know when to get things done.
  • I have significant experience in raiding previous and current content.
  • I am constantly looking for ways to improve and take constructive criticism.
  • I come prepared with consumables every raid, early and at the stone to summon.
  • Feel free to ask any questions via my contact information if I missed something.


  • A guild who is progressing towards the end of Nathria Heroic or working on early to mid Mythic
  • Prefer Drama-free
  • If your guild logs in to raid and that is it - you are probably not a good fit for me.

Current Healers

  • Mistweaver Monk
  • Holy Paladin
  • Resto Shaman

Other Healers(Not yet 60 but can be leveled/geared if I am interested in your guild)

  • Holy/Disc Priest
  • Resto Druid


  • Aeromu#1363 - BNET
  • Aeromu#8031 - Discord

Hey there! We are currently recruiting a Resto Shammy for a core spot!
Here is our recruitment post.
Feel free to reach out and hope to talk to you soon! :unicorn:

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Hey Aeromu,

Area 52

Raids tues/thurs 8:30-11:30 EST

Currently progressing towards end of H nathria
Have plenty of room for you and whatever healer you want to play.

I’ll contact you on bnet/discord

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