Defenders of the Light Guild Recruitment

Defenders of the Light is currently seeking members who want to belong to a tight nit group. We want to bring the vanilla feel back to raiding and
completing content as a community. We all have families and lives so we understand not being able to do things on certain days. So we can be flexible with our schedules. You won’t feel like a random toon in a guild of 500. Guild invites will be limited as our dungeon and raid teams fill up. We will not invite just to have another body on the team.
You will be utilized. We will create scheduling based on the needs of the masses to be able to complete content. We will only be able to invite 16 individuals
on this round of invites. We are currently seeking 2 Healers. We also require a wide range of DPS (Melee/Range). As stated above. We are recruiting strictly on the needs of the guild and will not over invite to avoid excluding members. Thanks for showing interest in joining Defenders of the Light

Current Server: Deathwing. Alliance.
Raid Schedule: Flexible (Typically most active between 9pm-1am EST)