Dear Poor Forum Moderators

Just wanted to introduce the possibility that the forums are saturated with tantrum-throwing man-children because the majority of reasonable people are probably already sleeping or know to avoid this environment (I obviously have not learned).

We’re not all this abusive.

On the other hand, I feel like a lot of you are posting and raging and haven’t actually read beyond “Maintenance Extended to …”

Ultimately, and I try to apply this to anything in life, it comes down to the fact that I simply don’t know how they do and do not run things, and I am not aware of how much testing they did, so it’s ridiculous to assert that they could have/should have done something that I don’t actually know whether or not they did. Any assumptions I have are merely that: assumptions.

inb4 narrow-minded, presumptuous, unrelated accusations of being a Blizzard bootlicker, -insert synonym-.

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bro this is 2021 it has nothing to do with WoW and everything to do with what people expect from big business these days. People are $(#@(%$# pissed and nothing you say will balm the burn from all the #($# people are gonna throw at blizz so you can be a powerranger and try to save the day but people will be pissed than they’ll login and forget.

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Once its up and running I would hope ppl that only throw toxic rage comments would come back and thank them for working a 16 hour day to please them. Im grateful atleast.

hows the boot taste


The moderators are bad though… they literally respond to terrible posts and feed us lies? They could be honest with their paying customers, but they dont care

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Except this isn’t 2004, they have fiber connections between data centers, the servers are linked far better internally as well than they used to be. We have virtualization and a thousand other tools they didn’t have in the past to make this go smoothly, all things they seem unable to understand, thats the outrage, its because their entire method of patch management is no diffrent than it was in 2004 when MMO’s where new, i hate to tell you but Cryptic, yea those guys, they do better rollouts that Blizzard these days.

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While I agree with literally everything you said aside from the strange powerranger thing, I didn’t say anything about what it’s about and what year it is. My post was about how aggressive and childish the player-base may appear (according to the forum) and that we’re not all like that.

Note, please, that I am not defending the flaws and faults of Blizzard’s directional decisions concerning retail, macro-transactions, and other things that really just boil down to poorly trying to balance capitalism with positive gameplay experience. Consumer understandings and playerbase appeasement hasn’t been in their proclivities for quite some time I think. That is a separate topic, though.

It’s not like they’re inventing the wheel.

Copying server information isn’t brand new technology and excuse me for not being understanding when a billion dollar company tells me they didn’t have the foresight to run troubleshooting on something they seemingly have no experience with until it was the day to launch.

I’m so aggravated right now and it’s mainly because of the way they handled this.

You realized 15 minutes before launch you need another two hours? Bull :poop:

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Wait they actually moderate these forums? I thought that was just a story we told children to scare them into behaving?

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Potent virtue signal! Bravo! Can smell you from miles away!


Get people’s hopes up over and over again and you lose trust/respect.

Its the algorithms that’ll get you. Not the moderator-monsters.

This is what happens when you have a playerbase that feels cheated and taken advantage of we pay a reasonable sum of money to play this broken piece of trash and then they can’t even deliver the piece of trash correctly. Also this isn’t a high school project, this is a multi-billion dollar company providing a product/service.

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16 hour day due to their incompetence. They should be grateful they still have a job after this.

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Your name and guild couldn’t be more fitting.

I bet you beat your wife.

Only when she doesn’t dry the can opener off properly.

When you try to get your nose a bit brown and end up neck deep.

Don’t worry, that poor one forum moderator doesn’t read threads anyway, they’ve never heard of world of warcraft, and they’re just here to look at reports.

But by all means, go to bat for the billion dollar company that holds you and their employees in utter contempt.


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