Dear Blizzard, it’s been 6 months

Posted by @Kaivax on January 6:

What kind of “foremost concern for the team” takes 6 months without any progress report? Stop giving us bags of rocks. Stop making arbitrary decisions. Stop creating random treadmills for us to run on. Stop assaulting your coworkers. It’s time to get your s*** together while there’s still some of us that care. That window is closing quickly.


There was a box or something I cannot remember exactly… which gives you some trash and … yeah that’s it.


Best they could do was a box with a mark of honor.


Tfw we got two of the purple boxes before

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It’s been 5 months.

They’ve tried nothing and are out of ideas.


Per a certain very influential person ( he who’s name I can not say) says pvp is balanced, so the devs are doing a hell of a good job, the only thing left is RSS and MMR

at this point, why would they?

let’s be honest here- this expansion has provided us with the best PvP gearing system arguably ever. crafted gear, wpvp gear, honor gear, and conquest gear all exist, work in tandem, and allow for alts to catch up rather easily

even still, so many people have complained about having to “grind” (lol) honor or that the crafted items are gated behind 1 character doing the story quests and nothing else

we were given the solo q mode we clamored for years about, and we tested the mode in SL to relatively positive feedback aside from the games being lower quality

then s1 happens, we realize the mode sucks for healers which causes hilariously long que times. MMR exploits (mostly) caused the SS ladder to inflate to insane levels while simultaneously killing the OG brackets. people rightfully complained about that, so they hard capped MMR across the board and 3v3, mainly, is the only bracket that is moving up at a relative (albeit slower than past seasons) pace because people are sort of playing it again

RSS may be a failure, but we asked for it. the gearing system has been an objective success, yet many complain about it to this day

at this point, they should just add solo q RBGs, remove arena entirely, and leave PvP alone. keep the current gearing, remove PvP tuning knobs, and just let people go nuts

at least then it would be 100% expected for them to ignore the complaints


We asked for soloque. Did anyone really ask for 6 round shuffle that starts at 20% dampening?


Waiting 15 minutes to play a single skirm that’d end in <30 seconds would’ve had the mode never even launch because it would’ve died in sl.

how do you think a true solo q arena mode looks in WoW?

it’s either that or nerf healers to be unplayable outside of SS which would be insanely dumb

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Don’t you think que times would be way shorter if it was one round rather than 6? Fast que; fast games. Sounds better than waiting 30-60 minutes to get a 0-6 player in my lobby, and solves the problem of someone leaving early.


No, you’d still have 5,000 dps and 700 healers or whatever. Games would also probably feel too “coinflippy”.

Ya but those healers would be cycled out way faster. And agreed the matchups wouldn’t be fair but they aren’t now either. You’d take your crappy lobby and que again faster for a new one.


Once again I am requesting that Blizzard implement a repeatable quest which requires you to win 5 rounds of shuffle as a healer, and which awards you with a BoA token (or simply adds a charge to some UI element) that grants you a single priority queue on a DD spec. This will fix the queue times by about 90% of how much they can be fixed.

Then give the healer bags a small, non-insulting sum of gold, as well as a lowish chance to contain any number of rare cosmetic items. This will take care of another few percent of the issue.

Then, just because they’re cute, change Dampening to no longer impact non-rotational abilities. As Prevoker my Spiritbloom should be affected but Emerald Communion should not be. Reversion should be affected but not Dream Projection. Dream Breath yes. Renewing Blaze no. Then apply this to non-healers as well. Rebalance from there. The point of Dampening is to force game’s to end, but having it impact specs in such wildly different ways is silly and adds an unnecessary additional burden on long-term balancing efforts.


I like the idea but coding that sounds difficult. It could lead to all sorts of bugs in the que that may actually take longer or put people in que purgatory.

Agreed though that there should be some reward for healers like conquest box or large gold reward.

i’d feel so much better if i smoked a fraction of a cigarette every 5 minutes instead of a whole one every couple hours. who said i should obviously quit. that’s crazy

I dont see where it would feel too “coin flippy”. Its already coin flippy just 6 rounds of it. Most games seem decided by lobby. if you are the only caster in an all melee lobby, thats going to be rough for you, probably 2-4 or 3-3. On the other side of the coin if you are one of three casters with a melee in your lobby then you are almost guaranteed a 4-2 lobby.

Lets also not forget the lobby dog, thats gauranteed to go 0-6. Also if that lobby dog happens to be a healer, youre not going more than 3-3.

Honestly, I dont see how many games are decided actually during the arena.

I think having Solo Que be Rated Skirm 3v3s would be way better. Healers would still instant ques, wouldnt have to sit an lobby where they are guaranteed to 3-3 for 20 minutes because one DPS is a lobby dog. DPS ques would be way shorter, no longer than a random BG.

If a Solo Shuffle takes about 20 minutes, and on average you are in que for 30 minutes, and healers being able are the reason you are in ques so long; its fair to presume those healers are in a game. So if you cycle them through lobbies faster, instead of 20 minute lobbies the lobbies are 3 minutes, your que times as DPS would be about 10 minutes. Slightly longer than a random BG if you play on the populated faction.

Theres also the option to put Solo Que into the 3s bracket artificially inflating participation in the 3s ladder. Obviously rating would be separate, but you could actually play in the 3s ladder. Now before you say, well the other team would be in coms/coordinated/optimized, which is fair, everyone would be have the same experience in solo que so it would average itself out with good comps and bad comps.

Also just a side note here, Solo Shuffle already has unoptimized comps. As ENH the only caster that is a viable comp is with Demo lock because they have MS. If I que and get a mage, boomie, ele in my lobby, none of those comps are optimized for my spec.

Just food for thought.


From a healer perspective, for your one round game, you get the 0-6 DPS. This happens multiple games in a row. Your rating plummets.

Your rating is basically in the hands of the matchmaking system.

Did you randomly get the worst DPS? You’re likely to lose.

Did you randomly get the best DPS? You’re likely to win.

At some point, it starts feeling like coin flips.

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I’m just going off what I assume their idea is, and why they settled with this mode. They could’ve added ranked yolo comp skirmishes at any point in the last decade but didn’t.

Just speculating on why that is.

Enh works in…quite a few lineups.

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