Dear 50k HP hunter, don't ranked shuffle queue

I mean, you’re the one that wants them to queue Solo shuffle which will result in their proverbial getting put down (usually by a huge Condemn to the face for their entire health pool).

If anything, newer players would have a much more enjoyable PvP experience first gearing up before attempting to do rated content.

But whatever helps you sleep at night. Sticking it to OP at the cost of new player enjoyment, let’s go. You got your little virtue signal in.

Epic BGs.

Everyone with 0 CR gets instant 1500 MMR.

it was probably a one off and dint know the diff, Making a public post to insult a player in a forum post is still very cringe. I would hate to say what he said in game to that player

Ranked solo shuffle.

Plenty of people with no gear step into Solo shuffle thinking it’s an easy way to farm conquest, skipping the entire honor farm.

They get bullied into stopping, but unfortunately result in a few games where winning more than 3 rounds is near impossible.

And before you get all puffy, Bullied here means they get targeted and mass slaughtered 6 times in a row.

This is a lie though.

I queued on my 211 Rogue earlier.

Rated Solo shuffle doesn’t seem to have a ilvl requirement.

Lolz pvp is not about fighting your opponents , its about fighting your own teammates first

says in that post you do

To queue up, you’ll need to meet a minimum required PvP item level, similar to queueing up for Heroic Dungeons.

“You’ll” = “You will” = future tense.

Meanwhile :

Logic dictates he’s not the only 50k hp hunter queueing. Thus they are trying to play each other, and may. Logic dictates that if you only want top tier geared teammates, you should make a team.

I’ve done a few games, it’s pretty much always 1 undergeared peep to 5 somewhat at least 280ish peeps.

yes future tense as that post was made before it was released as a game mode. Not saying its a good min ilvl saying it has one and if you look it says its similar to queuing for H dungeons and I believe thats only 180ilvl

Dude, if a 211 peep can queue (And I’ve seen lower), there is no requirement. You get a full 226 set off a vendor for just a bit of anima.

You’ll get your teeth kicked in so far, they’ll go out the back of your head and end up in China if you queue into Solo shuffle at 211.

saying you must be taller than 3 feet to get on a ride is hardly a requirement but it still is one. The issue isnt it doesnt have one its that its not good enough. Oh im aware of how its works I always ilvl scan the entire shuffle before it starts then pick out the 2 weak links to farm. Generally they around the 230-250 ilvl mark. My point is be accurate when giving feedback dont say it doesnt have one when it does, say its not high enough

Prove to me there’s a requirement. My lowest toon is 207 and can queue.

My dk tegridyfarm cannot and his ilvl is 174 aint played it since cap first week of sl. So a cap does exist

This is why pvp shouldn’t have ilvl. You shouldn’t lose a game or be outmatched because someone spends more time playing than you. It should be ALL SKILL.

I’m not even going to try it until DF, which was a real shame because I was interested.

Gotta love it when PvP requires you to go out of your way and quest through a covenant campaign and grinding renown to max in order to get that stamina upgrade as well as conduits.

Just for some simple friggin BGs, you gotta do all that crap.

There is ‘too much’ required just to get ready in the first place.

And folks wonder why PvP is dead/dying.

You can’t just jump into it and make an impact like you used to, like in Legion.

Dude, you can buy everything from a vendor now in SL.

Honestly, why would anyone care about this when currencies are being reset at DF launch and all gear will be obsolete?

Your followers too? The people you socket conduits to.

Pretty sure the renown stuff is required and you’ll just get stomped without it.

You can farm the season honor mount as long as you play and get honor at above 1k rating in Solo Shuffle.