Dead Servers

Silver Hand and its attached servers are fairly dead. It’s readily obvious when you look at populations, recruitment forums and non Blizz affiliated recruitment resources. Average players avoid servers labelled as RP and have for a good 15 years. Trying to recruit to this server is near impossible.

Is there a new round of server mergers in the future? There are a lot of active players/guilds on these servers but it seems to be trending down and we need help.

Customer Support generally doesn’t have that information until it’s made public.

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If you point at others to make your way in life. You are stuck with what what you are following.

If you want to make a community. You can start it anywhere. The game is your pallet, paint a picture you want.
Good luck and have fun.

I recomend to start small and build with trust.
One account.


Blizzard was engaged in connecting more realms last fall but the process was interrupted by the postponement of Shadowlands and some issues with some of the newly connected realms.

ISTRC that the plan was to pick up the connected realm program again sometime this year.

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I’ve been on Silver Hand since late 04. My guild has been here since Feb 05 making it one of the oldest and longest continuing guilds in history. When the pallet is running dry of paint one cannot continue painting.

Philosophize all you want, but a dying server is a dying server and no amount of imagination can paint it as anything other than that.

I’m here not to complain but to ask for necessary assistance in its continuing to be so.


Just pointing out that MG and WRA are among the most populated servers regardless of them being RP servers.

Unfortunately though, this forum is one for players to assist other players. There are neither GMs or Devs here, so your plea falls on deaf ears. If you’d like to offer your suggestion, it is best submitted by posting in General Discussion or through the in-game suggestion interface.


That’s good to hear! I am proud to have been on SH this long and want it to be much longer.

Asking for a realm merge here though is not going to make it happen. It’s a developer decision to determine if and when a realm gets merged, not something decided by a support forum agent who has no direct contact channels to the devs and the devs do not monitor this forum for feedback.

I would suggest posting in either the ingame-feedback tool under the help menu or in either the role playing or general forums. All three of those areas are monitored by the devs.


And Nok, the bunny-eared orc gave me information that suits my issue. Mission semi-accomplished.

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My own realm was recently [edit: connected] with additional realms so I’m sure the devs are still tracking population levels.

I remember SH day 1 being that it was the unofficial official RP realm but left that same day due to performance issues.

Good luck.

You can also find communities to join. So you can do raids , Dungeons, Mythics and so on cross server with out having to be on the same server.


That has been a bandaid the guild has turned to in order to remain viable. But nothing matches the communal feel of a strong, vibrant self-reliant server.

Silver Hand needs a merger.

  1. They don’t merge servers, they do connected realms.
  2. Most connected realms are no better off before the connection than after it. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. In other words, if your server is lacking the population to engage in activities, then any server you connect to will likely be in the same boat. They will want people to join their guild and you will want people to join theirs… in a nutshell, you both remain underpopulated.

So in a nutshell, your server is not the only one suffering, most of them are. If we were still in the classic era where you literally could only play with those physically on your server… we’d see a very sad array of servers right now. Populations on all servers is down. It will pick up again when the new patch arrives or the during the next expansion.

Agree, connecting them is not the answer…

Generally yes, but Silver Hand is not seeing ratio wise the same pop boost that many other server experience.

Hence my being very specific with my wording above:

WoW doesn’t merger servers, given the fact that folks could have the same name on different servers. Putting all the names on a given server will make more issues than its needed. More to the point, no one here will look into this or pass anything on from the CS forum.

Fighting about wording and whatnot isn’t useful here.

So make the suggestion, either in-game, or on the general forum. As stated, there are no developers, QA, GM’s or community managers here.

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Several players have provided me with insight in this thread. It was posted to the proper forum for my design. thanks for your suggestion though.

Great, hope you heed the suggestions we made to you. Else, the one thing you keep iterating in this thread will be completely mute. Up to you. Good luck!

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I’m confused.


What I “love” about these “SH is dead” type threads is that no one defines what would an alive realm would mean. Because if you did state what you are looking for in an “alive” server, you’d actually see those things are actually happening on SH.

I think the reality is LFG tool killed the sense of community because people don’t need to be active in trade or general chat to find groups. Also, Discord has created siloing because that’s where the real community building is happening, but within a “silo”. When you have a large or active Discord community, there’s zero need to be active in any in-game world chat.

I’m sorry you think the server is dead, but that’s partly a matter of your perception and partly a matter of not looking at the alive parts.