Dead server doesn't have enough players to report botters

It probably is a bot, but an fyi I think most bots use click to move

That clown is a blizz simp troll you just got played


They do. There is bots even in cities, mostly lvl 58, buying stuff off the ah. They lag heavily to the mailbox and ah back and forth while taking sharp turns in the same route to then go to their destined corner and flyhack to blasted lands. (Ironforge) mostly at nighttime.

You absolutely CAN. Bots tend to have the same repetitive movements. It’s actually very easy to spot a bot. Pay attention to the little details. Especially easy to spot with a rogue bot. I’ve reported many bots and have had many mailbox notifications from Blizz.

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If you want some good entertainment search for the thread he made a few days ago in the arena forums. Just scroll until you see his name under the title and read the responses lol.

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Only the Fully and completely dead servers.

My ally server had 7 players this week, /who 1-70 shows 0 players right now, There’s literally 0 allies on my old main server, and it still does not allow free Xfers, because there’s still 1000 horde somehow. I have a half dozen characters that are literally unplayable, as there’s not enough people to even run a heroic with.

Alot of the bots now days use predetermined paths that an actual person ran them thru and then the bot will follow that exact same path over and over again. And since a person did it the first time it will look really legit to someone who is unfamiliar with botting. Or like me who has an addon to track all the mining nodes that I will run the exact same circle over and over until I have the nodes needed. A bot will do the exact same thing but they will also go up to the spot where a node should be when it is not there and attempt to interact with an empty spot for a few seconds. Someone with the addon will still go over the exact same route over and over and do the exact same thing everytime. And if there are no other farmers in the area they can then go out and get all the exact same nodes, exact same time, exact same spots and exact same movements each and everyime. A bot will have jerky motions though but people can as well if they are lagging.

Bots can even have a full conversation with you with a huge array of preprogrammed responses. Most dont have that option. Some will auto block you when you try to talk to them. For me when I am node farming and my spot has been taken by someone I will usually go right past it then. A bot will go right up to it and perform the same exact actions on an empty spot many times. And bots can also get stuck on terrain easily too.

Dont listen to people who tell you that you cant know for sure if its a bot or not :smiley: there is so many things you can look for. Talentpoints - full boe gear / communal / stamina enchants only - warlocks always having water breath buffed - druids always being in catform and casting healing touch no matter what at around 20% - bots you can even kite or simply hit their mob 1 sec before and they just keep on killing them… List goes on, you are fine, report them and pray.

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That thread is a good read, thanks!

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botting is a non issue.

it has next to no negative impact on the game.

join a mega server, the economies are very healthy and it’s possible to make a ton of gold barely playing the game.

Is botting cheating? Technically, it is. but it’s really not harming the game in any way other than player perception.

If you do GDKPs and exploit that half the playerbase buys a ton of gold.

If you try to earn gold legitimately, all the nodes are completely botted, all of the elementals are completely botted, and everything is reserved by Tanks.

Engaging with trolls is a fast track for cancer. Recommend you avoid it.

Also, take the free transfer to faerlina. It will solve most small server issues. Some trade offs of course but overall you will be happier IMO.

Keyboard turning is bis

I don’t even bother to farm anything anymore, everything is 1/4th or less of the price at launch and that’s on every server so there’s no point anymore. Farming is mostly a waste of time… it sucks because I sometimes like to just chill and farm but there’s no point. It’s just even fewer things to do in this version of the game where there’s already hardly anything to do. Raid logging for SoM was very easy and didn’t really set me back at all. This version of the game is tailor-made for people who hardly even want to play it.

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Why would there be bots on a dead server? lol… If you are still making gold then your server isn’t that dead…

There are still ally bots on Earthfury, I saw one in the water the other day by Shatt farming the eels, as to why well when you have botting programs running in 50 different WoW clients I guess you don’t care.

earthfury is not dead

Horde isn’t.

Stuff gets transferred off the really dead servers though, using the free transfer service. This is a thing.

Nah Blizz says not to use that to report bots, and to use the ingame system instead, but that’s just because they’re dodging answering truthfully which is the fact that they don’t do anything about reports through either system. They end up in the same trash can.

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You cannot lead the willingly blind to see; they have first accept that they’re blind and desire to truly see before you can help them comprehend the things round about them. This is the sad reality of our existence and applies not only to this game but to all the world.

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