Dead server doesn't have enough players to report botters

Trying to make the best of a bad situation being left on a dead server. I’ve come up with a route where I can AoE most of the elemental plateau in a few pulls.

The gold isn’t that bad, but certainly isn’t better than the gold from boosting. But somewhat low stress.

Except for the fact that every 20-30 min a random level unguilded level 70 in BoEs slowly floats in on their 60% flying mount, drops in the center of the plateau. pauses for a minute while they turn on their botting software, and then starts keyboard turning.

I’ll snag their tags until the botter finally checks up on them and decides to leave, but totally tanks my ability to farm.

I always report them, but never get mail saying that anythings been done, I’ve always guessed that the heuristic is just number of reports but now I know for a fact that it is. Literally the smallest bit of data science would go so far.

Or maybe, just maybe, they’re not bots.

Just because someone keyboard turns doesn’t make them a bot.

bro, i just said that I tag their mobs and watch them kill it and try to loot it… are u joking?

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And this means they’re bots?

You can’t tell someone is a bot just by looking at them play. Just because someone doesn’t play the way you play doesn’t mean they are bots.

How many humans are letting someone tag their mob, then kill it, and then keyboard turn and walk up to the corpse to try to loot it, when the loot it allocated to me?

NONE. You’re such a Blizzard simp dude, stop posting on your multi. jesus.


Are we acting like this is outside the realm of possibilities? What’s stopping a human from doing this and playing like this?

Once again, you can NOT tell someone is a bot just by looking at how they play.

“This person doesn’t play the same way I do” is not a powerful system, I’m afraid.

what an absolute joke, you’re so gullible if you believe that…

Edit: the exact same botter just came back to my farming spot, and started running into a cliff until he slowly keyboard turned out of it.


When it comes to how Blizzard detects and bans bots, I’m sorry but I am going to have to side with what Blizzard says. Blizzard is the only one that detects and bans bots from WoW, so when it comes to the topic of how Blizzard detects and bans bots from WoW, I have to believe what Blizzard tells me, as Blizzard is the only entity familiar with the process.

You are entitled to believe whatever conspiracy you want.

If there’s any conspiracy going to contemplate here, it’s that you’re so irrationally pro blizzard that you’re probably a insider pretending to be a player.


Don’t waste your breath on that one. There’s a reason you see very few people replying to him.


Dude, he’s quite literally a troll, don’t take the b8 m8


lolol he got trolled hard

Best to put the troll on ignore. No one pays him much attention and he typically goes away.

And you mentioned the server was too dead to report people or w/e. Didn’t TBC just do free transfers?

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Yeah, the problem is all of my friends paid transferred off to a server that I can’t free transfer to… I’m taking advantage of the dead server to farm some mats, and then decide to free transfer, or quit, etc.

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they did but some realms were not eligible for the free transfers and not sure why. Some who were eligible for free transfers for some reason stayed on their dead servers

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Gotcha, hopefully things get better for you soon. Maybe you could record the bot and send it to blizzard?

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does that^ form get more attention?

I’m not quite sure but maybe if you emailed a video of the bot living it’s best life it might get investigated? I didn’t even know about emailing blizzard directly till a week or so ago so I’m not sure how often they act on these reports.

Definitely report, I know you have been. Bots absolutely exist. That’s not to say they don’t get banned. That link is good too.

People who are actually trying to help do things like saying to report and provide links like Drot did. People who are only here to troll do things like pointing the finger at you.

Even Blizzard acknowledges that bots exist. They do in all games. Yes they get banned but they are still around and should be reported by the players.

Good luck.

its not “your” farming spot

is there not enough mobs for you to farm? why not just farm yourself and keep tagging his mobs for the free loot. let him farm for you. who cares if blizz doesnt ban them. they get no loot, you get extra loot for less effort.

eventually the botter will realize it’ not worth it an leave