DB, RoF, Poly omegalul

all different schools, all different DR’s, must be nice lmao


It’s almost as nice as being immune to poly and roots… :man_facepalming:


Mages out here permanently playing on LFR difficulty thinking they’re good at pressing combust bahahahahha


RoF and Sheep share the same DR. Well at least according to the stickied topic.

Do they actually? Had a few times where a poly spam into RoF still seems to freeze me for 8 seconds.

Sheep and Ring share the same DR because they’re both Incapacitate. And Dragon’s Breath do not share the same DR because it’s a Disorient.

That’s what I understand from the above topic. I can be very wrong though


RoF and poly share the same dr. They are just in different schools so you can spam the other if your first cast get locked.

How many arena matches I’ve played where the entire team strat = “let’s wait till we can get off a combust”.

The mage literally does absolutely nothing but cast poly until combust is up.

All CCs should share the same DR pool.


scatter into trap is far too strong for a 24 second cooldown. let’s make it so they dr eachother.

meanwhile db -> spammable sheep/rof is fine though


“But poly hasto be cast huryderpy”

Yeh and trap has travel time and is a skill shot you cant just @focus it

And that is the most boring and annoying design ever, most of us secretly praying every night that frost will be back one day :pray: :pray: :pray: