Darkness should be a Shadow Priest ability

We are the masters of darkness and shadow, that spell rightfully belongs to us.

Also, you Demon Hunters have enough utility, you could stand to lose some and let others feel useful :frowning:


Shadow has plenty of utility already, it just so happens that dungeons don’t make that specific utility useful. Vampiric Embrace and Mass Dispel are your group utility, and they can be plenty strong depending on game design.

There’s one of the few silences in the game, a ST stun, Aoe Fear, AoE disorient, Fortitude, Mass Dispel, Vampiric Embrace and the most unique utility of all: Mind Control. Blizzard could make Priests shine in the utility department, it just depends on how they actually design dungeons and raids.

If anyone else should have Darkness that’d be Vengeance DHs.

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I think this is a absolutely wonderful idea! Really great suggestion. What else would you like to see taken away from DH’s toolkit and given to priest, or any class for that matter?


Damn two trolls in one thread. Spriest arguably one of the most difficult priests to kill in pvp because of their utility annnnnnnnd the pleb himself the fake xaedys.

The actual definition of cringe this guy

Discount Xaedys is really quite weaksauce in comparison to the real deal.

Shame really…

A Shadow priest is actually QQ’n? You guys just led damage in raids for almost 2 expansions. So you finally got taken down a peg or two and now you’re here to add to the cacophony of goofs and dingbats calling for our nerf? Repent! For you have lost your way.

Imagine a life so vacuous that you spend time creating nothing troll threads in the WoW forums and/or spoofing a thoughtful poster.

Give your life a tug, Buddy.

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Priests aren’t the only ones who use the powers of shadow and darkness. Rogues, warlocks, and demon hunters also have a claim to those power.

  1. If you’re going to whine about utility, priest, then maybe you should also whine about PRIESTS, druids, rogues, druids, death knights, druids, shamans, druids, paladins, and, for good measure, druids yet agian.
  2. We’re losing almost all of our utility in Shadowlands thanks to whiners like yourself. Thanks, jerk.
  3. You’re complaining as a class that has been on of the top classes for 2 expansions. Stop trolling.
  4. Creating a thread on another class’ forum just to complain about that class is, well, classless. Hang your head in shame.

Honestly i agree… it should be 100% a shadow’s ability. We are demons, we should have an ability instead that turns dmg into healing. Like if you dmg us you actually heal us and bump up our haste, like we should get nurtured by your aggression.

Just… lol.

Lawlwut? No. No we’re not. Good job trying to help troll with the original troll, though. C- for effort.

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what do you mean we are not… at least my DH has bat wings, goat feet and demon horns and its a demon. Yours is a bear or something? And honestly lore-wise and playstyle-wise i would prefer an ability with an area of effect like i described than just a crappy dmg soak.

I’m sorry, I don’t recall “Demon” being a race option when making this character…

And if you look at the lore of the class, they’re elves who followed Illidan, and part of becoming a demon hunter is killing a demon and eating its heart. Eating the demon’s heart does not turn the elf into a demon, rather it gives the elf certain powers, such as Spectral Site.

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ok they ate a heart and now they have a demonic nature and aspect. Elves with horns and goat hooves and demon wings and demonic powers. Demons.

Just we because we have demonic powers it doesn’t make us demons per se. If you watch closely when Meta runs off it’s just a demonic skin that “peels” from our body, almost like we are piloting a demonic megazord for the duration.

Plus what you described that you wish DHs had in place of Darkness is literally Leech minus the Haste.

Gaining some powers ≠ becoming a demon.

From Blizzards own class description: " Wielding the powers of demons they’ve slain, they develop demonic features that incite revulsion and dread in fellow elves."

Sooooo…They wield the powers of the demons they slay, and their features change a little (tattoos, some gain horns), but they’re still elves, in case you needed it broken down anymore.

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its not literally leech… leech results out of the dmg YOU do, not the dmg you receive. Totally different things.

Ah I forgot about the second part about getting healed for getting damaged. I don’t think that makes much sense even if we were actually demons.

why not? I mean we heal out of soul shards… how does my idea not make any sense? We should totally have an ability thats an area of effect that would heal us and buff our haste for X seconds as we take dmg. That’ll be way cooler and powerful than the boring dmg soak that is darkness.

and since they are taking away our leech…

Giving a heal, much less an AoE heal to a DPS that requires taking damage to trigger doesn’t make sense for me. The only downside of Darkness is its RNG element, but it being capable of completely neutralizing any damage is what makes it powerful.

Other group utilities are just as boring if you consider everything a damage soak. Rallying Cry increases raid HP and Anti-Magic Zone which is coming back in Shadowlands as baseline reduces magic damage taken in that area.

The closest thing there is to what you want is Vampiric Embrace, but that’s based on damage done, not damage taken.