Darkness should be a Shadow Priest ability

Well… in my book an ability that not only neutralizes dmg but also heals and buffs haste proportionally to the dmg received is WAY better than darkness alone.

It is definitely better, it just doesn’t make sense. Also tying a DPS element to a defensive cooldown has proven to be detrimental for class design in the past, so that’s one more reason for me to think it’s not a good idea.

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ok explain to me why it doesnt make sense please.

Because it requires you take damage. What’s the element of the healing anyway? A fixed amount per times you take damage, a % of damage you take returned as heal? It’s very hard to make this useful.

The other element that makes it difficult to properly balance is the Haste. As I’ve said before, tying a DPS element to a defensive cooldown is hard to balance. Did you play Havoc in Legion? Did you know that when Momentum was the go-to build there was an artifact trait that made it so Blur would return two charges of Fel Rush on use? It was terrible and it was changed in the middle of the expansion to make Blur increase movement speed instead.

i see it as a percentage, say 50% of dmg received during the time you stand on the area of effect. So it blocks the dmg hits and transforms them into a 50% heal and say a 0.5% haste buff for 3 times the time you stand on of the area of effect. So lets say you take a total of 300k dmg while you stand on the area, that means you will instead heal for 150k HP once you leave the area of effect and have a haste buff effect of 1500 haste points for 3x seconds, x being the time you stand on the area of effect. So if the area lasts for 8 seconds total and you stand on it for the whole duration then the haste buff would have to last for 24 seconds

This would be ridiculously overpowered.
A fundamental part of mythic raiding is raid-wide damage, and these are moments where healers have to layer their defensive cooldowns to survive.
You’re saying you’d like demon hunters to not only mitigate this damage received, but to directly counter it.

I can’t tell if you’re trolling or you genuinely believe this would be a reasonable ability.
It would not be.

do you have any idea about what’s our situation in shadowlands bro? You might want to read the forums a bit.

Btw it is a sketched idea obviously it would require adjustments… duh!

I’m very familiar with our situation in shadowlands.
The fundamental problems with our class aren’t how to design our three minute defensive raid cooldown. Do you read the forums?

Yes, your proposed idea would obviously need adjustments. As in, scrap it completely.

i can tell you’re a cool guy with lots of friends… lol.

First, where the hell did i say that this idea would fix Havoc in SL genius?!?
And no, my idea is way better than the current darkness taking into consideration how DHs are going to be in SL.
You just don’t like change… like the other guy who was super upset because they decided to get rid of void form from shadow priests… what a joke.

Guess it’s a waste of time trying to reason with an obstinate.
Have fun with your DH in SL :wink:

I’ll refrain from making any comments on your personal life, because doing that would be immature.

Your idea isn’t better than the current design, because your idea is broken. I don’t necessarily care for the current design of darkness, but it’s far, far down on the current list of concerns.

I’ve called for a lot of change. I don’t like havoc demon hunters very much as they’re currently designed, nor do I care for what they’re looking like in shadowlands. I enjoy change, it just has to be reasonable. There’s a difference between being obstinate to change and not supporting your absurd ability design.


“If a spell name has anything remotely related to shadow / darkness, it belongs to us”


Shadow bolt
Shadow fury

Shadow step
Shadow strike
Cloak of shadows
Shadow blades
Shadow dance

Head on over to the lock and rogue forums and let them know they’re no longer entitled to these abilities because they have shadow in the name

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I will trade it for dispersion

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Except we already have all that it is in my idea… haste surge in meta with furious gaze, huge healing in meta (we can replenish health bar in 2 seconds, so a 100% healing), dmg block with blade dance. All that is going away in SL. So explain to me how’s my idea broken.
In reality all what my idea does is just give us back a pale resemblance of what we already have, subjected to a long cooldown.

It negates damage on a 50% effectiveness in the form of healing to the entire raid group plus bonus haste on a long duration. How is that not broken? Also tying DPS aspects to any defensive ability is detrimental, so this is already bad design from the start.

The fact that you would not only propose this idea, but defend it, indicates to me you aren’t capable of understanding why it’s broken. I’m not going to waste my time trying to talk to you when it’s clear you understand nothing about class design or balancing.

typical foolish behavior… just dismissing things you don’t like for whatever reason without giving any reasonable explanation. And when you are being asked for it you just run away and blame me… lol

You already wasted a lot of time fyi… by throwing that lil tantrum of yours without writing absolutely nothing of value. GG

well i’m more of a pvper so i am thinking from a pvp perspective. It should probably need to be an area of effect with a healing and haste buff that would only work for my character. And how’s turning dmg into healing detrimental? No one has given any reasoning to back that up.
I dont give a crap when you tell me its detrimental, i need to know why, cause obviously i dont see it.

We already have huge haste in a long duration with furious gaze, we already have huge healing with meta. And all that is what makes DH havoc an interesting and fun spec to play. So honestly i don’t know what youre talking about.

Because you will use your defensive for a DPS boost and won’t have it available for when you need to mitigate damage. Have you played Legion? I mentioned it before, but when Momentum was the go-to talent to play back in Legion, Blur used to refund 2 charges of Fel Rush, which would be used for DPS gains and leave us vulnerable when we needed for incoming damage.

It was complained about for so much that Blizzard had to change Blur to increase movement speed instead of refunding charges.

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Bah I don’t think I want anything tied to darkness, just more defense if anything. I hate having any dps increase tied into any of my defensives.

I was talking to kib today when he was streaming and he thinks we are going to be fine come SL. We just need to stack haste. He mentioned in SL 25% haste he is able to fit 2 death sweeps in a demonic window. Yea we have our problems. So let’s atleast hope number tuning is in our favor when that starts.

I’m holding onto some hope that maybe we get at least 1 or 2 changes or QoL changes seeing as spriest got a rework. That means maybe we can get some love.

Atm it seems us and hunters are the 2 classes blizz is being the most quite with.

They can make us fine with numbers, but it doesn’t mean gameplay is going to feel good. What I care the most is if I’m having fun with my class and both Havoc and Vengeance still have a lot of problems they need to overcome.

For Havoc for example, we need First Blood baseline. It’s weird that this hasn’t been done yet and this alone would be great for the spec in general. Another change that would be pretty good is if the Demonic nerf is reverted.

Vengeance needs Fracture baseline to properly function. Playing FtD build and endlessly spamming Shear is completely moronic. Also, why doesn’t Vengeance have access to Darkness? All Warrior specs have access to Rallying Cry and I believe all DK specs also have access to Anti-Magic Zone.