Dark Ranger Customization Options Request Thread

precisely, thats kinda the idea. but i could also see undercity. i just thought the creepy dark alleys of old english architecture in gilneas would fit the undead vibe too, particularly san’layn (who would be popular).

p.s. it would effectively draw people away from both factions and alliance is in no shape to lose more players, but i dont think anything can stop the alliance’s demise now, short of making the game completely unfair to horde.

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Wowhead has made an article about a recent 9.2.5 build being a release candidate:

Furthermore, it was mentioned on Twitter that some of the encrypted files could be related to the Preorder incentive for Dragonflight:

I’m hoping we’ll get an announcement of 9.2.5’s features and Dragonflight’s preorder bonuses soon. I’m going to once again temper expectations, but will hope for the best.

Will continue to keep an eye out for more things of interest to report! :bow_and_arrow:


A couple of voicelines were datamined about Genn Greymane talking briefly about sending Alliance players on that questline in Tirisfal Glades. Nothing ground breaking about it, but worth noting:

Seems odd that we’ve only seen tidbits of the Alliance version but nothing at all about the Horde version. Seems rather suspicious to me…

Will continue to keep an eye out and report anything else of interest! :bow_and_arrow:


Patch 9.2.5 was announced to release May 31st:

Wowhead has a couple of other related links with more info:

Nothing really mentioned regarding new playable races. I’m wondering if that could be tied to Dragonflight preorders as rumored, so it doesn’t quite kill said rumors at the moment. Looks like we have more waiting to do until we see if something comes from it or not.

Also, if someone could make a post in here so I can continue to post news, it would be appreciated. I can only post three times in a row in a topic I didn’t create. Thank you!

Will keep an eye out for more info to report! :bow_and_arrow:


All those options would be amazing!

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A post on the Community Council was made to bring up the different race request megathreads on the forums. A list of race request megathreads was given to them in the Furbolg megathread, so more megathread threads should be getting added to the list in the near future.

I realize this megathread primarily supports Dark Rangers as a customization option, but with the rumors of playable Darkfallen being possible for Dragonflight preorders or potentially in the future, I feel that it is still important to share this post here, as it can only help to see Dark Rangers playable in some fashion.

You can see the post here:

You can also give the post a like even if you’re not part of the Community Council.

I’d like to ask this post be spread around to others so we can all support it as best as we can. No guarantees we’ll see all our dreams come true, but having something on there helps increases our chances, in my opinion! :bow_and_arrow:


So 9.2.5 is coming out tomorrow! I wanted to post a few things to help give people some ideas of what to look for to report findings back here.

A few things to preface this post:

First, we may not see anything involving playable races of any sort tomorrow. If this is the case, we still have the Dragonflight preorders to look at when they’re available. If preorders don’t have any new playable races or it isn’t Darkfallen, it doesn’t mean we’d never see playable Darkfallen at all. We’ll just keep supporting them as usual in that case.

Second is to set expectations low and focus on just reporting stuff. I admit I’ve gotten excited from before, but as we get closer to 9.2.5 coming out, I’ve been lowering expectations more and more. Moreso when seeing MrGM on twitter mention how he isn’t expecting any new races tomorrow. And as I said, IF we do get any new playable races of any sort, it could be tied to Dragonflight preorders.

Third is that maintenance is currently scheduled from 7 AM to 3 PM Pacific. This assumes we don’t see extended maintenance, extended extended maintenance, or the rare and dreaded extended extended extended maintenance. So it may be late in the day before we’re able to check anything out.

Let us now consider what things to look at.

-The Splash Screen-

As you know, 9.2.5’s splash screen has been encrypted, which is a first for datamining and very suspicious. Soon as we log in, we should be seeing a splash screen and can see what all is involved with it.

I assume there would only ever be the one splash screen. If there was another one, it might be when Dragonflight preorders come out. Regardless, this will be the first thing to report on.

-Tirisfal Glades and Calia-

As you may know, there is something going on in Tirisfal Glades that we barely know anything about. All that we know is a few tidbits from the Alliance questline of it and nothing at all on the Horde side of it.

The first thing to see is if this questline is live or not. It wasn’t mentioned when 9.2.5’s features were announced, which is odd. It seems like it begins in Oribos, so that would be a good thing to check.

Assuming the questline is in, then we go through it and report our findings here of what exactly it is. Again, please keep expectations low.

If it isn’t live, then it’ll cause suspicion and assuming the events mentioned to be occurring during 9.2.5 aren’t staggered to go off every week or so (no confirmation on this at all), will be something to discuss.

This is likely one of the biggest things to report on, regardless of what it could lead to. It’ll be one of the main things to focus on.

-Blood Elf Questline-

This is a lesser one, since we’ve covered the majority of it, but worth mentioning just in case.

A new questline for Blood Elves that gives some heritage rewards will be available tomorrow. In order to do the quests, you need the following:

-Be a Blood Elf
-Be level 60
-Be exalted with Silvermoon
-Optional: Be a Paladin to get an armor transmog

As far as I know, being a Paladin opens up an extra quest that gives you an armor transmog. I don’t think it’s part of its own questline and I’m not sure if Blood Elf Paladins get extra dialogue or anything during this questline as a whole, but I still wanted to mention it.

Of interest is that San’layn, who is stated to be acting on his own. There are no other San’layn involved, and this questline is where San’layn are classified as being part of the Darkfallen as opposed to making up the entire group.

We’ve covered this questline before, including where I went through the entire questline and pasted dialogue of interest to commentate on it. If you’re like to see that post, you may see it here:

Despite knowing the majority of it, I figure it’s still a good idea to go through it in case there is something we are unaware of that wasn’t mentioned with the datamining. Best to not leave any stones unturned when it comes to reporting back information.

So far, that is all I can think of and it wouldn’t surprise me if I forgot to include something. If anyone has anything else to mention checking out, it’d be a good time to do so. As I said, there is a good chance that we won’t see much regarding any new playable races, so the idea is just to focus on just reporting out findings.

Hoping for the best regardless! :bow_and_arrow:


This just popped up on Wowhead:

Looking into it to type more on it. :bow_and_arrow:


my transmog on this guy is as close as ive been able to get to the dark ranger look (without the hood, and just more of a aesthetical theme for a “dark ranger”) not meant to be an exact replica

Congratulations to supporters of Dark Rangers as belf customization, RIP to supporters of Dark Rangers as a class or race. Now I feel kinda dumb race changing my belf hunter.


First off, if anyone is in contact with Balesong, may I ask that they get sent that link, please? I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear the news.

From that post, the following related achievement gives Dark Ranger customization options (I assume there is a reason there are two separate ones with the same name) :

Return to Lordaeron - Complete the Return to Lordaeron storyline. Reward: ‘Of Lordaeron’ Title, ‘Dark Ranger’ Elf Customization

Return to Lordaeron (Hidden Character Achievement) - Complete the Return to Lordaeron storyline.

Allegedly, this is for Blood Elves and Void Elves, but oddly enough not Night Elves. Not 100% confirmed on this.

Looks like this might be the questline involving Calia. Just an assumption, of course. Not confirmed.

Will be hunting for more info. :bow_and_arrow:


I already sent her a DM in Discord. :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Oh right here

Congratulations everyone on this.


It was like so recently you made a thread about why BEs shouldn’t get those options. But thanks. I’m glad for them.


Huge congrats to Dark Ranger fans! I am so incredibly happy for you :slight_smile:


Very much appreciate it!

So far, I’m assuming Dark Rangers are a customization for Blood and allegedly Void Elves as whole as opposed to only being the Hunter class for both those races.

As I said before and I’ll say it again: I hope they are going to have their own identity and storyline presence and won’t be given the Wildhammer treatment, where it’s just the parent race LARPing as them. Both Dark Rangers and Wildhammers, along with any future customization races of course, deserve better.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more information on this. I’m sure we’ll see videos and all kinds of stuff on this in the near future, so I’ll be able to give better opinions once we have something more concrete.

Also congratulations to Balesong! It’s good to see a race request megathread get something they’ve asked for, and I hope it’ll be something you’ll be happy with.

Will continue to keep an eye out for more info on this. :bow_and_arrow:


My true canon self is soon upon us.


Happy to see DR options being added.

The “of Lordaeron” title could be interesting as well, especially for Forsaken players.


This just popped up on Wowhead:

Will continue to keep an eye out on things to report. :bow_and_arrow:


Gonna just leave this here for Balesong for the song:

This megathread was created May 21st, 2020. Kept going strong, and here we are with confirmation, albeit as a customization request.

I feel renewed with hope that Blizzard may be looking at our feedback and I continue to feel how important it is for us to continue doing what we’re doing with our race request and customization megathreads. No guarantee by any means, but I always expected it to be a long road to traverse to begin with. It gives me the courage to continue doing what I do with my megathreads, and I hope others do the same with their megathreads.

As I said, I’m hoping it’ll be something Balesong and Dark Ranger fans in general will be happy with. I’ll continue to keep an eye out for things to report. :bow_and_arrow: