Dalaran - LFG (H)

i’m looking for an active, casual guild, horde-side - not just raiding, but mythics, achievement and transmog runs, pvp - a little bit of everything. friendly, mature (30+) adults with a very low tolerance for hate, drama, toxicity, that just enjoy the game.

if your guild is busy in the evenings, 20-30+ online, and it’s full of adults that understand the commitments of work/life/family, please reply. i’d love to find a home.

Come see us.

I am an officer at Grey Parses - Dalaran, we are currently recruiting for M+ and prepping to boost our numbers for new expac and new raid. We are AOTC guild (since Eternal Palace) with a number of M progression kills. Given this season is rather quiet we are re-clearing heroic on Fridays and run some dungies on Saturdays. Our regular raid times are Fri and Sat - 8.00-10.00 pm EST, feel free to reach out if we sound like a good fit :slight_smile: