"Daily quests now reset at 7:00 a.m. realm time". welp, this sux big time

I can’t speak for others, but for the past many years, I’d have the option to catch up on daily quests BEFORE the reset in the mornings if I ever didn’t have time to do them during the day for whatever reason, and alts.

7AM PST = 10AM EST. So it gave players plenty of time to get dailies in before reset.


PS. This is their way of fixing 8 conquest badges/day I bet.

edit: typo

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Good. 1 down 1038481 things left to fix or change.


Lazy people are always keen on handicapping active players.
So I can see how it is a good change for you, a lazy player I suppose, but not for me, an active player.


Lol no, CST is only 1 hour behind EST.

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eh typo, meant PST >.<
Launcher would say 7a-8a server maintenance. For EST its 10a-11a.

All daily quests would always reset at 10am local for me. So looks like now its going to be server time - and Pagle is EST. So 7am it is.

There might be ppl happy to see it reset earlier.

Yeah I guess it really depends on what realms you’re on, mine’s on PST already, so when I read the change, I didn’t see it as a change and was a little confused at first, but yeah I get what’cha mean, I do sometimes get up earlier to try and knock out some of the dailies I didn’t do during the day.

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I already fixed that typo.
I dont need glasses check up. But nice of you to come on an alt and post an utterly useless and insulting post. I hope you feel good about yourself.

8 badges thing was degenerate anyway

the fuh-gome is this '8 badges thing’ ?

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You’re right, my bad.

It’s not just badges.
It’s also, and im going to use a quote from the original post.

Yeah, I don’t understand this either. 3 from the daily H+ boss pouch, then 2 for the daily. Where’s the other 3 coming from?

Wait…was it allowing players to get the H+ daily bag twice by doing the next day’s daily (without the quest) super early in the morning?


Heroic daily dungeon quest resets earlier than everything else.
It like picks new Heroic dungeon at like7am or something.

Satchel with x3 badges comes with the daily associated dungeon. So even without a quest, before main reset, you could have done another dungeon for those x3.

Another way this change bricks morning routine, is that if you missed your daily Heroic, for whatever IRL reason, there is no coming back in the morning and getting it done.

Also if you’re skipping a dungeon, like you hate Oculus for example, you don’t have to do the quest. And just do another one between7-10am before dungeon IDs reset.


But it was still once every 24 hours for each.

you could do it 1 hour before reset, so this morning at 9 am est on faerlina you could do CoS, and then once the servers are back up, do it again. This would give you 2 bags, and then 1 daily. so 8 badges

Of course it is, just accept it and move on, we all knew this was an exploit.


Haha just get up earlier you lazy noob

well now you can use that same time to get ahead and not have to worry about missing them. In fact, u can do them in the morning and use the evening to finish any you missed.