Cyclone needs a Cooldown

The only healer that gets a CC ability they can spam back to back on another healer is the Druid with Cyclone.
This is a massive advantage to be willingly able to take the opposite healer out for so long, something that no other healer can do.



Cyclone has been fine for 17 years. It’s mind-boggling why people think it’s suddenly an issue in this expansion.

Yeah push as a rdruid, clone and then somebody dies. Rdruid rn just feels like you should stay back, only pve heal and just keep well away from everyone lol. Meld/drink and just chill.


i just can’t even. rejoice! druid mains are actually playing druids!

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It already has two restrictions.

Its range is shorter than most crowd control.

And it is in the same school of magic as all druid heals and root.

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its like the one cc nobody wants to stop. el oh el

You don’t understand! There is literally nothing they or their team could do to stop the rdruid from getting 3 consecutive cyclones off on the healer!

atleast when mages chase u they aren’t doing dmg. vs druids healing etc

druids are good too homie. dodging sheeps and clones isn’t just one way.

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with root and clone how could anyone die

Cyclone does not need a cd.

  1. Ferals shouldn’t get combo points from the free frenzy for landing clone.

  2. Cyclone could probably use a 1 sec less duration adjustment like pretty much all other cc has gotten this season.

That’s it, putting a cd on it is an awful idea.


Yea, I think that is the issue. Did they ever put those two on the same diminishign returns? If not… maybe that’s a way to indirectly nerf cyclone.

why going but not chasing is good stuff

Holy cow, stop with the awful ideas.


Completely agree. Why feral gets ultra rewarded with a free (otherwise) 45s cd button and full CPs is insane. Imagine if I procced a full duration/strength fury of elune every clone I got. I know that’s not a 1:1 comparison but you get the idea.

I’m fine with a duration adjustment so long as it’s only about a second. I think lowering it even further is a mistake and introducing a cd… or god forbid

Are just awful awful takes.


who are these god druids that can spam clone all game, I sure can’t just afk and spam clones all game. Rank 1 rdruids I watch can’t just afk and spam clone teams all game. Do rdruids land cc yes just like every other spec lands its cc sometimes but this thing about rdruids just spam cloning all game is just not true

Your team just has to stop being afk, rdruid pushing in means he is not healing and maintaining hots just punish it. A druid will only over aggro with clones if you afk and let him.

Even treants need our hots on the target to do meaningful healing, if you punish every clone attempt somtimes the druid even stops coming in because he doesn’t want to keep falling behind on healing

Some rdruid vs rdruid match ups the druids dont even push in on each other, you guys with these post make it sound like resto druids are just cloning to dr one guy then switching it to the next and so on. Are you doing anything to stop the 20 yard range clone?


Putting cyclone on the root DR would be a huge buff I think lol. I’d imagine comps like MLD would be insane if fear and cyclone didn’t DR. But yea not a good idea

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My response was more assuming that root was put on clone DR :stuck_out_tongue: yeah though, either way it’s a terrible take.

evoker can play no cd sleep
priest albeit with gaps can spam mind control

resto druid cyclone really isn’t an issue

boomkin cyclone should have any risk at all associated with it though
imo you should have to leave moonkin form to clone tbh

:rage: go somewhere sir