Cyclone needs a Cooldown

i mean if u think about it

makes 0 sense rdruid is fragile and has to push in
feral has to leave form
why should moonkin have longer range and maintain 40k armor while spamming clone without thinking

esp in the age of precog and 1second kick durations

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this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your trees can keep everything topped off while you do whatever you want, restealth, rake, clone away.



I mean, both rdruid and feral have more personal defensives than boomy does to be fair. And feral “leaving form” means nothing. Cat does nothing other than provide access to cat abilities.

I always advocated that boomy shouldn’t have to leave form to cast things like rejuv. It’s silly. It’s a caster form like tree was. I’d rather just not need moonkin form at all as opposed to spending globals constantly going back and forth.

Inb4 next weeks 100k! :stuck_out_tongue:
(Really sorry about your stormstrike man. For reals).

The game has changed a lot. You know, like precog, cc changes, dr changes, cc buffs, etc. :slight_smile:

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Cyclone used to be 2 sec shorter than Poly/Fear to make up for it’s better effect, now it’s the same duration. It was indirectly buffed when they nerfed sheep/fear by 2sec and removed the -15% CC duration from the trinkets.


cyclone has been same duration as fear for almost 10 years

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Fear doesn’t stop heals or can be cleansed so.

ya honestly people have said the same thing for 14+ years about cyclone yet it was never changed so you do you

honestly dont know why all these cyclone threads are popping up is it because rdruid is like best or 2nd best healer in the game?

so cyclone is only a problem when druid has a meta spec?


Actually yes. When Druids are comfortable enough to spam cyclone, it shows how problematic it is.

Why do people keep saying this lol. Does boomy dh vs ret war care about how long poly lasts? Realistically how does clone impact games being the same duration it’s been? Plenty of cc went up with the removal of the 15% reduction by the way. I don’t know why this is forgotten.

Fear can also be chained with no gap, damaged into, and forces horrible positioning. It’s also on a spec with gate and port, healthstone, kick immunity/wall combo, 400k shield useable while stunned, coil that doesn’t Dr with fear but does the same thing and heals aoe stuns, and can hit multiple people with these abilities with havoc on top of having a kick, etc etc.

How about we stop comparing clone in a vacuum for literally no reason. Something about resto or boomy or feral gets adjusted and makes it strong or a little OP and for some reason clone is always the scapegoat. It’s so weird.

Edit: A list I tried to make:

CC increases after the removal of the 15% reduction trinket bonus

Druid—Bash, rake stun, incap roar, cyclone

DH—Chaos nova, imprison

Monk—Incap, song, leg sweep

Mage—DB, nova


Rogue—Cheap, garrote, gouge

Priest—Chastise, fear, silence

Sham—Lasso, cap

Lock—Fear, coil, infernal stun

DK-Strangulate, pet stun


Notable decreases:

Druid—Roots (which affects beam)

DH—fel eruption I think

Hunter—scatter, trap, pet stun

Mage—Poly, ring


Pally—Repent. Hoj and blind are basically the same (within like 0.1s)

Rogue—Sap, blind. (Kidney is like the same, like hoj)

Priest—MC, psychic horror

Sham—Hex, root

Lock—Seduce, axe toss

DK-Asphyxiate, blind


If things got changed like in the last patch or so then there may be some errors but I think this is pretty accurate. Most changes are less than a second for what it’s worth.

Now to be fair, interrupts across the board are also lowered though I don’t have values for that off hand. I don’t think that plays as large of a role as precog though which I wish they’d get rid of.

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Its suddenly an issue because it went from the shortest cc in the game to the longest. Its a problem now because cc was nerfed across the board and cyclone never got touched. And on top of that, Druids the only healer able to spam a none dispellable cc. Its really not balanced at all. Cyclone shouldn’t even be in a Resto Druids spell book. It needs to be brought in line with typical healer cc abilities. I have no idea why this concept is so alien to you. Its way too powerful to be used this way with a healer.

Think about 3v3. You have the possibility of having all three classes on a team able to spam cc all game. Look at RMD… Rogue nonestop Sheepshot, Resto Druid none stop cyclone, Mage none stop sheep. Do any of those even share dr? I don’t think they do.

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Look up.

Bro, stop man. You even bring up RMX which sees far more play historically with a priest than druid. Do you know why?

U mean it used to. RMD is way better than RMT now. The game changed.

the sub rogue version of the comp is better with hpriest.

A CD on cyclone :face_vomiting:.

I’d never touch my druid after that

??? this is why ppl have to be careful what you read on here, you cannot stealth when you pop trees, and no you cant just afk forever because trees do no healing if hots aren’t on the target. You literally are lacking game knowledge and should address that first before you complain about things, I’m not being a smart*** either as I still have a lot to learn myself. With game knowledge everything changes.


I warned ya’ll about them treants


and every other spell that had the same duration the last 10 years was changed

whats your point

If not a cd, take away their stun or make vortex share a talent node with cyclone. And before everyone clutches their pearls, think about how mages lost deep freeze. Resto druids would be just fine having 8 CCs instead of 9.

Resto Druid Crowd Control:

  1. Cyclone
  2. Entangling Roots
  3. Hibernate
  4. Incapacitating Roar
  5. Maim
  6. Mass Entanglement
  7. Mighty Bash
  8. Typhoon
  9. Ursol’s Vortex

Disc Priest CC:

  1. psychic scream
  2. mind control
  3. Tendrils