Customer Service just ninjad a binding from our MT

I literally do not know what to say. In my time of being a customer in all my years I’ve seen some dumb decisions made by your GMs this now takes the cake.

On Sunday Feb 16th at 8:40pm Garr dropped our first binding ever for the guild since launch. Our guild Faerlina is a performance-based loot council guild. We use Master-Loot to decide all loot decisions. Our ML wanted to see who would have won the roll if it was free rolled off. So he linked the item and told people to roll. In discord people knew this. And it’s exactly what you would think the player who performed the worse would have won it. We gave it to our Main-Tank because everyone knew he was the one who was going to get the first set with the Off-Tank getting the second set.

Everything went fine we continue to one shot all other bosses and everyone in the guild knew the roll was just to see who would have won it if it wasn’t on the Master Loot List.

I wake up this morning to hear from our Main-Tank that Customer Support has stepped into a loot decision and I’m beyond dumbfounded. Your Senior Community Managers and several other blue posters have all stated that they will not be getting between loot decisions and it is the community to decide what to do with someone if it was a ninja loot.

This is no way, shape, or form was a ninja loot. The guy who won the troll roll though it would be fun if he could get a free binding from CS and guess what you guys broke your own rules and gave someone a free binding they didn’t earn.

But yeah let’s look at all the blue posts and forum news messages stating who decides where loot goes to for each loot category since your CS agents apparently don’t even know the rules.


You’ll want to group up with others to take on powerful foes or complete quests more quickly. While in a party, you’ll get credit for shared kills, so everyone in your group can benefit.

Your party leader will be able to set loot distribution to specific rulesets, including:

Master Loot: The party leader determines who gets the loot.

Round Robin: Each party member loots in turn.

Group Loot: Party members can roll on powerful items.

Need Before Greed: Only party members who can use the item can roll on it.

Free-for-All: Anyone can loot anything.

Make sure you establish loot rules with your group before getting too far into your adventure. If there’s a specific item you want or need, you’ll want to understand how the group plans to handle distributing that item."


"We saw some confusion about a specific part of this post so we want to be clear that Customer Service will NOT be transferring items in WoW Classic and the system that we outlined will be in the players’ hands. If we were to go down the road of developing a policy on item trading, we believe it would end up allowing the exact same kind of abuse that we are trying to minimize with the 2-hour trade window system which we outlined in the original post.

Ninja looting does have consequences in the community and those who do it will have trouble getting invited to group. In other words: your reputation will matter. Remember to play nice, play fair folks!"


So based off the information your Senior Staff has posted this situation should not of even happened. Whoever did let it happen has gone over their own rules on loot decisions. Even if this was an instance of “ninja looting” Customer Support should have not even stepped in and let the community decide.

Please revert this decision that one of your CS agents did that broke your own rules.

Also side note when making a ticket about this I see this when making a ticket:

"Loot problem

If you are missing loot after running an instance, read our Didn’t Receive Dungeon or Raid Loot article.

If you’re having problems with personal loot, read Can’t Trade Personal Loot.

We don’t assist with loot redistribution or disagreements.

Loot Distribution

We can assist in cases where it was not possible to loot an item from the monster. We are not able to assist in loot redistribution or disagreements.

Let us know the monster’s name, the item or currency that could not be looted, and the character to whom the loot should be awarded, if applicable. Choose the time you should have received this loot using the selector below."

TL;DR: Guild linked binding to see who would of won have the /roll. Guy who won the troll roll opened a ticket. CS took Binding from MT and gave it to the troll roll “winner”.

I’m the GM of the guild we do LOOT council ALL MEMBERS involved in the roll were in the guild but the roll was a joke and is irrelevant who won it. It should go to llane our MT and our masterlooter “female” should be unbanned.

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First off, this isn’t a ticket. It’s a forum primarily for players to help other players.

Whoever lost the loot is welcome to put in a ticket to contest the decision. Nothing will come of posting here in the forums.


But what would be the point of that if blizzard won’t intervene in these sorts of problems? Jejejeje

He just whining into the air anyway, right?

There’s an appeals process for a reason. If they really want this looked into, that’s the only way to do so.

Like who? A blue? Well, that’s not exactly an insult. Though I’m not sure how telling someone that this forum isn’t a ticket and they won’t accomplish what they’re trying to accomplish by posting here is somehow a bad thing.


just want to point out (not that it makes it right or any better ) if the person who won the roll in game put in a ticket, even though the loot rules were known in discord, Blizz would go by their logs


Yeah, I was thinking this while reading the post. If he didn’t make it clear in the text log, then I can see how someone else could believe it’s ninja looting. Even if the guy was in the call, he could’ve had it muted or miss heard the leader. That’s why it’s really important to state loot rules from the start in text and verbal.


This is what Blizzard is going by.

Blizzard has no access over this and therefore has no logs of it happening.

If what you are posting here is correct, by Blizzard’s logs this could be considered a scam as any logs outside of the roll and giving it to someone other than the one who won the roll are not on Blizzard’s server.

Did he though? In most cases, the item is removed but no one gets it.

If we can verify a scam took place, we will take action where possible—this may not result in the restoration of lost currency or property.


In most cases that is true. They make exceptions for VERY rare items sometimes. Ashes of Alar is another I have heard about loot redistribution on.

Normally though, you are right, the GMs just remove the item that was as the center of the dispute if a scam was determined to have taken place.

As others noted though, Blizzard goes by the logs in the game chat. They can’t see discord discussions. If the person who initially won the bracers wishes, they can appeal. If they remember the relevant phrases pointing out that the roll was a “joke”, and that it would still be Master Loot at GM discretion, they will want to point those out.

If, instead, the game logs show intent to give the item to the high roller, this might not be reversed.

It is VERY important to always state your rules clearly in the GAME chat.


^^^^^ This as far as I know its all ways been this way .


UPDATE blizzard said one of their GM’S were scammed by the person who won the “troll roll” and returned our binding and unbanned our masterlooter.


I’ve been reading your thread over in Classic General Discussion and saw that. Good to see that the appeals process is still working :wink:


did you look at the pic dude posted? there’s something not quite right with it i think.


that’s why is important to always state any and all loot rules in game so this kind of thing doesn’t happen… glad that it was fixed for you guys but use this as a learning experience perhaps


How so? It’s got the Blizz icon and is in a separate window both of which indicate a chat with a GM.


it’s been a while since i’ve gotten a message while online from a GM. maybe i’m misremembering, which is possible, but is it the right color?

Pretty sure it is. It’s like the default whisper color, but with the Blizz logo. I mean, it’s possible to fake it, but I don’t get the impression that’s the case here to be honest :wink:


It does look genuine. And there’s no way to get that Blizz logo in front of your chat lines without altering game files, AFAIK.

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Blizzard resolved the entire issue… Thank you.


This is basically; We trolled as a guild, and got burnt as a guild,
Blizzard pls fix.


But not really. What the guild did may not have been the smartest thing, but there would have been no issue if someone hadn’t thought it would be hilarious to try and scam the GMs.