Custom sound files not working

wait, they broke “SniffBGone” too?! lovely…guess i have no reason to even buy BfA. i feel dumb paying $20 a month to play Classic, and may just take another sabbatical from WoW again now. ._.

bad enough they put that jarring alert noise that occurs whenever yellow text appears on the screen…EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. it was just as bad when they replaced guns and bows with staplers and pop guns…but making us listen to the disgusting, slobbering and snorting noises of Worgen?

no…that’s just…no. ._.

don’t hold your breath…the Grand Expedition Yak has been broken since 6.0 (Faillords of Draenor to be exact) and multiple people mentioned how Cousin Slowhands and Mystic Birdhat no longer say anything when dismounted (“I will roll, roll through the gates of Mogushan Palace!”, “Your yak is in another stable”, “Oh woe. Low. Low.”, “I am yak rider, and this is my yak.”)

the fact that we’ve been forced to listen to the pissant sounds of pop guns, staplers and snorting/slobbering mongrels for over a year now, tells me Blizz isn’t JUST aware of how upset we are, but they have no intention to fix it, cause it’s not “important” to THEM. ._.

oh yeah and the forum mod moved this post from general and hid it in this forum so less people will see it and comment on it. Almost think someone should post a new post in general with a link to this post to bring attention to it. I shouldnt do it cuz im always on thin ice with the mods as it is cuz im very critical of everything they do

this honestly should’ve been in Bug Report or at the very least kept in General…because next to no one bothers going to the “Guides” section, cause next to no one comes here.

another poster made a thread about this too…there WAS a workaround, but it was for 8.2.0 and sadly…8.2.5 broke that workaround, and as it stands…there’s no way to change these godawful sounds.

that jarring alert noise is back…and i’m not okay with that at ALL. everything was fine the way it was. i didn’t have to listen to the disgusting snorting and slobbering of idle worgen…i didn’t have to hear that godawful heartattack inducing alert every time yellow text popped up on screen, my bows sounded like legit bows, and my guns sounded like legit guns.

honestly, if there’s no way to work around this…i don’t see why i bother keeping an active sub for WoW…yeah, i get “Classic” but seriously? even that i’m beginning to question if it’s worth it or not. .-.

I recorded my own sounds for my gun I have .308 gun fire sound files from an ar-10 and even brass ejection sounds and bolt closing and opening sounds. now my gun sounds like my arrow electric stapler /brad nailer and I dont like it at all. I like my war zone like sounds. Explosive fire trap was real explosives. now its sad:disappointed_relieved:

Do the following to mute the sniffing:

They added changes today that allow you mute certain sounds, the addon listed above lets you manually enter a sound to mute it, Im sure in the next few days someone will make specific mute addons for certain sounds.

enter these into the above addon to mute the sniffing:

564378 sound/creature/worgenfemale/worgenfemale_emotesniff_02.ogg
564383 sound/creature/worgenfemale/worgenfemale_emotesniff_03.ogg
564422 sound/creature/worgenfemale/worgenfemale_emotesniff_01.ogg
564536 sound/creature/worgenmale/worgenmale_emotesniff_03.ogg
564544 sound/creature/worgenmale/worgenmale_emotesniff_02.ogg
564560 sound/creature/worgenmale/worgenmale_emotesniff_01.ogg

i appreciate your help…but i have no clue how to add ogg files to this addon. ._.

with the addon you only type in the numbers listed for the worgen sniff(or any sound you want to mute), as for finding the other sounds look here

open the addon
where is says ‘sound id’, type the ID number(jus t the number eg.564378).press ‘ok’

now you can enter a nickname if you want, but you have to press ‘ok’ when it pops up,

then , whether or not you typed in a nickname or not, press the big ‘Mute This Sound’ button

you can check that it entered ok by clicking the muted sounds arrow. Though if you made an error in entering , it should have appeared in chat.

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ohhh, you just add them via in-game. okay…that makes sense then.

now i just need to figure out what that jarring, yellow text alert is officially called, so i can mute that too. xP

once again…i greatly appreciate your help in this. OP (and anyone else really), it’s not much…but there’s an addon called “OldGunSounds” that’ll modify your guns and bows to sounds like they used to…it’s not “custom” but…at least they won’t sound like staplers and popguns. .-.

You’re welcome :grinning:

Yah I was going to look that up for you but I had fallen asleep:O)

try looking for announce? maybe, or notification.

Man I wish they would let us know if they are going to let us replace sounds again, I agree about the gun sounds, it is just depressing.

is this the sound? click the thing that looks like an eye to play it

no…that sounds like something from DeadlyBossMods, which i don’t really mind…but this sound effect is VERY loud and VERY jarring. it occured whenever yellow text appeared on screen, and the last file i had to silence it was called “UI_RaidBossWhisperWarning”

edit: just tried looking it up as that, and found it.

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ah cool good to know that, glad you found it! :O)

You can replace the files in the OldGunSounds add-on with your own custom sounds from before it broke, it just takes a little work. xD I wish they would just bring back the old way again.



i just hope i never have to go through that ever again. >.<

For the love of goodness, how? I logged on to my worgen female today, excited to play her, and found that she’s got her smoker voice again instead of the Gilnean voice which I changed a long time ago via the old method. This means if I want to play any of my female taurens I’m going to have to also deal with their atrocious new combat sounds too (modded them to all be the old ones). There’s not a lot of sounds in the game I don’t like, but I cannot stand the new femtaur combat sounds, nor the worgen female voice emotes.

I wrote a guide on how to do this, unfortunately it only works with Hunter weapon sounds and rogue Pistol Shot. I believe any sound can be muted by the same add-on though. 🏹 How to Get CUSTOM Gun/Bow Sounds Back in 8.2
I am not sure if there are other sound replacement add-ons to do what you want. :confused:

Dang. Guess I’ll just have to hope more worgen players are annoyed, at least, by the voice now that they’re coming back to play them with the new models. And that someone better at addon creation than I can do it. Thanks for the link though.

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so wait what did blizz do in this latest patch to let us fix things cuz I have a bunch of custom recorded ogg files for my gun sounds and stuff. I dont want to use an addon cuz well thats kinda dumb to bog down memory when I can pull apart the game myself

yeah, that’s something i need to be mindful of too. Terraria lags pretty badly on me once i hit Hardmode, and it worries me, cause it’s not the most graphics intense game out there…then i realized i’m using quite a few addons, and it’s likely using a LOT of memory.

WoW however…i’ve got OldGunSounds, DBM, SoulSpeak (though that’s only on for my Warlock) and i think that’s about it…but i’ve noticed some lag whenever i turn a quest in.

might just be people in the area, might just be on my end…it doesn’t bother me too much…long as it doesn’t crash my system. already happened once to me, i’d rather not see that again. >.<

I just want to go back to putting my files in the sound folder like I did before I dont need a program to do it for me. I already unpack wow and dig around and tear it all apart anyway trying to find stuff so im more then capable of adding my own files. Part of me honestly wants to just repackage the game client with my own sound files in it and say screw blizz and their tos they wouldn’t know what sounds are played on my end if the names are the same