Curse increase loot chance question

Do the Curses effect your chance to get loot on More than your first run of the day?

If I am running the HH event on multiple characters, does the curse increase my chances for all of them? Or is it only my first run of the day?

I understand that my first run and 4 curses is my highest % chance for loot. Do my alt runs with curse have a lower chance, but still have a “bonus” chance with curses?


Well the Loot Filled Pumpkin only drops for a character’s first run for the day.

I believe it is per character per day and not just the first one of the day. I got Arfus after about 10 kills and want to say the curses helped.


Nope. It’s once per account per day for a bonus droprate that’s also boosted by curses.

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That blue post just states the curse scales with first of the day bonus, not that it’s exclusive.

It literally says: