Current alpha build is just two more years of shadowlands feral

Blizz, please change this. It’s a literal repeat of shadowlands even down to every piece of your night fae rotation. Please rework feral Druid. Don’t release this garbage and kindly go back to the drawing board for us. For example: Give us real AoE options that matter and/or a stronger utility kit.


Feral is one of the 3 specs that blizzard absolutely refuses to have any sort of innovation on no matter how much time passes (Arcane and Blood). Its conceptionally been the same since cata even if the damage profile has shifted from bleeds to direct damage.


It still might too early because anything could be changed, it’s just alpha now.
But I don’t have much confidence, the current talent tree clearly shows that the feral designer doesn’t know how to play this spec. I would expect the same garbage on the final release. You’ll only get garbage from a garbage.


I dont disagree with the idea that slands feral is very similar to what df feral will be…

But i love slands feral. I think they hit a home run with it and it will continue to be a favorite spec of mine going into df. I would have liked to see one or two big new shiny things into df but im still very happy with the direction its going.


Please stop. I understand that you may like this version of feral, but for anyone who has played it for a while, it is not what feral should be. Its boring, uninspired, and just plain lazy design.

Maybe they should look into allowing it as an option through talents for the 1’s of ferals who like the design, but i haven’t met more than 5 ferals that like this way of playing feral. The main build for feral should be heavy dots, much less emphasis on Bite and for gods sake remove Sabertooth.


Most if not all pvp ferals love it. Dont speak


The pvp build is a bleed build, thats probably why. i want the rest of the content to play better too, and when they take away sickle feral will feel lesser because bleeds arent tuned as they should be, hence them adding draught instead of just properly balancing the spec

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Shrug. I don’t really have a problem with PvE Shadowlands Feral beyond the total lack of useful AoE. My bigger issue is that it feels like Blizzard doesn’t know what they want Feral to be in the larger scheme of spec design, let alone communicating that to players.


Eh. Tuning will be tuning. If bleeds feel low on alpha thats a critque to make but without sickle we might be doing more damage in df than with sickle in slands. It will get tuned and buffed and nerfed and nerfed amd buffed 30000 times before 10.0 and then again before 10.0.5 amd then again before 10.1 etc

Its also fair to say outside of pvp feral isnt shining. I just wasnt talking about that nor will you hear me talk about non-pvp feral. Idk anytbing about pve feral

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Feral absolutely cranks in most raid encounters. M+ is the biggest issue.


Fair point

It does crank in raid but its like 40-50% ferocious bite damage, carried with convoke. it just felt boring to play when i was doing pve


Yeah. I played this character for years as my only character. It’s so different now it just feels like a assassination rogue. Some people just never played it back when you didnt have GCD’s on your shapeshifting so it felt super fast and crisp - and your bleeds were your main damage. It really feels bad i can relate with anyone who complains about it. I had hope until I saw the talent trees, and now unless they really give this spec the hunter treatment there’s no chance i would play it over my rogue or warrior. rip


Show me the case where feral has been buffed 30,000 times let alone successfully across various content options. Ok, so it works for you in pvp. It also works in Raids. What about the dismal failure of it for m+. What about this season where we are not even forced into balance for m+ because it sucks even more. We don’t even have the option of being “forced” into a certain spec based on content (feral for pvp, boomy for m+). They have neglected both our options for a premier draw to the game for many players.

There are a lot of bitter ferals out there as a result. The frustration is real and blizzard has proven itself incapable of solving the problem. You can min max your gear to the nth degree, play the game of your life, and still have some half wit fotm reroller come in and beat you by 3-6k overall in welfare gear. It is a sad state of affairs. That is why people use words like lazy design… Blizzard has the resources, but not the desire to make things right for an entire group of players.

It is outright disgusting when you think about it. Especially when there is a candidate in destro that is obviously so overturned as to be outright stupid. They ignore that mistake for so long they don’t want to fix it for fear of disenfranchising fotm rerollers. But they will literally leave loyal Druid players to flounder with a crap design for an entire expansion……


Sorry, you misunderstood. Maybe i was not clear enough. We are barely in alpha, tuning numbers are ethereal right now. If some tooltip on alpha reads “deals 240% attack power” i promise thst 240 number is little more than a place holder. It will go up it will go down it will change. Thats true for all tuning across every class amd spec. Tuning passes are just so preliminary right now.

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Something that has me the most nervous is the lack of response to all the feedback people have given about the structure and content of the talent tree.

Look at hunters they’ve had their tree out for less time than druids and have already had revisions and the dev is actively engaging with them on the forums. They’ve had 3 point nodes that people didn’t like reduced, or promised to be reduced. Where’s the druid dev?

Can we just get any communication?


This my my fear rn^^ they hit hunter trees with the swiftness but not a single word on feral druid talent trees after many complaints over the beyond same similarities of shadowlands feral to dragonflight feral which no PVE feral wants to take into the next expac for any reason.

We don’t want our damage to be just ferocious bite. If i wanted a strong finisher i’d just be a rogue at that point. Someone said earlier that feral is a wish/great value version of a rogue and i believe that at this point in time. If it was up to me i’d return feral back to its bleed form like we all know and love.


Really? Because it’s just a completely gutted and simplified Legion Feral… which was a gutted and simplified WoD Feral… which was a gutted simplified MoP Feral… They’ve really been going backwards with Feral and it’s sad. Just give us bleeds that deal damage, remove Sabertooth and make it so Bite doesn’t deal as much damage as a full Rip. Savage roar shouldn’t be a dead button. Remove draught and Adaptive swarm as they’re just crutches for bleed specs and they punish multi-targeting. As long as Feral is actually a bleed spec like it’s supposed to be without a bunch of other abilities/effects it should be fine.


We are on very differenr pages for feral

I disagree about swarm, but hard agree with Draught, they could just buff bleeds across the board and add a slightly nerfed version of draught as a feral specific passive

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