[CS Lounge] Summer Party

Knocked out my first on-time 15 key today… well, yesterday. Yay!


It’s been above average temps here for the last couple of weeks. Now if only we could get rain! So many forest fires in the province (Alberta,Canada) have made the air so smokey. The sky has been orange for the last few days.

Well the apocalyptic sky hastn been seen since last thursday in central alberta thankfully but rain is nice.

I’m on the ab/sask border and another fire went up by bonnyville recently

Thankfully thats undercontrol my family runs the campground at mooselake.

Granted I work a lot of nights sooo I tend to lose a lot of days lol I only remember the orange as I was off on thrusday

Not sure how much they did but its never a good thing.

I need coffee I just reread what you said… lol

Hopefully they stay safe

Stupid 3headed dogs never a giant chew toy for the fate of atlantis part 2.

Wait didn’t you buy it new? Or am I remembering wrong 3. Warranty baby. Wareanty

Grats. Haven’t gotten that one yet myself but been close.

In other news I feel like garbage. I knew I would too. Kiddo text at almost midnight, when the movie got out. Can i spend the night? Yeah yeah… I stayed up for nothing.

I won’t climb into bed and disturb my wife that late. She is a light sleeper and has a hard time going back to sleep. And works today. Most important part haha. So it was the couch. Where my cpap isn’t. At least I am off today and can sleep if I so choose.

The only thing hard about falling from t3 is that i can’t tell what my stats are.

Gotta call the plumbers for dad today. Fun stuff.

My favorite Led Zeppelin song…

You know what they say about “ruining your dinner”

Well earlier today I brought an Apple and Feijoa tart at lunch but didn’t eat it. I decided to have it as “pudding”

Except instead of eating my vegies tonight I decided to eat the tart … and now I’m full

adulting is hard.


Second hand but new enough and from a dealership, too. Still has the new car warranty. In the process of trying to get it to the closest service agent which is luckily only an hour away instead of two and a half like originally thought lol.

Yeah I’m still cheesed off about the lack of ‘opt out’ button! I’m old enough to be able to have cake for dinner, but even still old enough to know that I’ll be living in Regretsville for doing so. Much younger me would not have had such qualms!


You get old enough, you eventually turn into that grumpy old person in the neighborhood to yourself. Get out of here with that healthy garbage Gahhhhhhh

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Sorry Mastadôn. :frowning:

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Just found out, there is a company that makes scented candles based on areas of the United States. I wonder if they made a scent for Pasadena Texas. Imagine a candle scent of lowtide and burnt rubber.

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