[CS LOUNGE] New Year, new thread

That is the correct syntax of the script. The capitalization has to be there.


Unfortunately, I don’t believe the script works any longer.

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It only works if you are dead and cannot release. And yes, Terise, you are correct on the syntax of the script.


How exciting. I get to be one of the ones whose Twitch drop gets lost in the mail. Yes, I filed a bug report. I did watch three different streams to get my total, so I’ll try watching one stream today for the total hours.

It arrived about 36+ hours after I claimed it. Hope they are clearing all the missing toys.


Happy Friday y’all!

Got to start my morning with a caramel coffee and some kitty snuggles.


Those of you who don’t have one yet, there are changes to the drop-rate of the X-45 Heartbreaker mount.


It’s a bit …brisk… up in NH:

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Took me about the same. I was just double-checking myself after buying the last Dragon costume piece, and saw the bouncing gift box there waiting for me.

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RIP melinda dilion

Thermostat at 70 definitely isn’t cutting it tonight. :cold_face:

Tiiiiiiiime for the crises to set in.

20 years old this year:

30 years old this year:

40 years old this year:


I don’t like you, you need to get off my lawn. :rofl:


Drops mic


While I can appreciate them upping the chance of it dropping from first Box per day, I really don’t see how that will help people not feel compelled to still run it on every alt they can.

I agree. Some may run it on fewer characters. If I didn’t have it on my NA account I might use my alt-army to try and get it. I don’t have it on my EU account. There’s an alt-army there too but I would need to put game time on it and I have stuff on my main account I want to do.

Mine dropped in 2019 on this Rufflebottom, on the last run possible before the event finished. I don’t think I did anything more than run alts that event for a few years. Some of my time between Winterveil and Love is in the Air was spent leveling alts so I had more to run it on.


I think some are fine with the BLP on the first box for the day and that’ll be it for them. Others who have always run it on every character eligible, will always run it on every character eligible. Because that’s their thing. :slight_smile:


Watching Thst 90s show on Netflix.

Nice cameos

Project Moon’s new game Limbus Company has finally appeared on the Google Play store and on Steam! (Presumably on the Apple store, too, but I have no Apple products to look.) I’m really excited because not only does the gameplay look nice, but the story promises to be really good, too, just like LobCorp and Library of Ruina.

I can’t wait to play as Dante, the person with a clock for a head and talks with clock sounds. happy ticking noises

Face the Sin
Save the E.G.O

(I seriously can’t recommend these games enough, especially if you like cyberpunk settings.)


Downgrading your kit so you aren’t too powerful for the requirements of a game’s activities has got to be one of my biggest gaming pet peeves.