[CS Lounge] New Lounge, Same Loungers

Possibly, but if that is how a lot of them have been working, especially pre-covid, they may want to talk to HR on their rights.


I was aa IT consultant for years and although I could mostly work from home, I always found it beneficial to pop in to the office a day or two a week just so they could see my face.

A big part of consulting is relationships and a lot of people act differently over the phone or zoom than they do in a face to face encounter.
I recall one guy in particular who would go beserk if informed about a slight setback or delay over the phone. But if you told him the same thing face to face, it was never a big deal to him.

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He works in telecom. He fixes phone problems remotely. Corporate and government phones.


Gotta love it when you have an achievement completed, but never remember doing anything to earn it. I don’t recall doing anything with Dragonbane Keep yet, lol.

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I made homemade cider one year. OMG. Never again. Was incredibly tasty tho.


Yay. Enhancement shaman are getting the “nerf bat.” (Yeah, I know, we complain all the time; it’s in our nature.)

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Dammit, why windwalker. :sob:

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Trying to do the xmas grinch stuff because I still need the tree dagger mog. Can I say how ODD regular flying feels now? My muscle memory has been completely switched to DF flying and now nothing moves right in the old game.



How is the incision doing?

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Doc decided to try some cream that’s over $100 because insurance didn’t cover it. Not his fault, per se–he told me the system didn’t tell him what was covered and that if it was expensive, to not pay for it and call him, he’ll figure out something else. His first thought had been oral antibiotics, but apparently that’s in a shortage.

Otherwise, I’ll be needing to follow up with the surgeon. That appointment is Friday.


So today I was trying to bring up a DH for my 2nd wow account, to assist in crafting…

BfA dungeon scaling said no. I counted 31 people who ragequit the atal’dazar dungeon I was in before I was able to finish it. It’s harder than DF mythic plus high keys atm.

I gave up and made another drakthyr to instantly obtain lvl 58… which btw I didn’t know you could instantly do on WoW2/WoW3/etc without needing a lvl 50/60 on those first.

TIL the drakthyr unlock is bnet wide, not license-wide.

In the US, I use SingleCare. It’s a coupon card that gets applied after any insurance and also without insurance coverage for a given drug. It cut some of my script costs in half. My monthly insulin cost went from $150 to $75.

It’s a free card and there are other similar ones available but the SingleCare card is recognized by most of the national drugstore chains and a lot of the regional ones.




There’s a promo going on right now that you can start a Drakthyr on any account that has game time and level it to 63 until January 2 I believe. After that, unless the account is upgraded to DF, the Drakthyr will become locked and you cannot level above 63 at any time unless you have DF on the account.


I’ll look into it and see if it can be applied to this cream, then! Thanks for letting me know! :dracthyr_heart:

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I love when bureacracy and technology come together. I submitted my expedited passport application on November 22. The clerk told me it typically takes five to six weeks, but could be a bit longer due to the holidays, then let me know there’s a website where I can track the progress of my application. A week later, I began regularly checking the progress, and each time, I’m met with a ‘status not available’ message.

It came in the mail yesterday. The State Dept. still isn’t sure where it is.

In related news, now that I have passport in hand, I’m ready to book my trip.


You would think these sensitive documents are tracked and would require signed pickup at the City Hall or something but…


Flying is going to be a problem after DF. I’m so used to double tapping jump now I do it on all flying mounts, even outside of the Dragon Isles.


I do it with the flyer when I’m going back to my body. I haven’t done much of anything outside of the Dragon Isles, but what little I’ve done has been agonizing.

Got a decent set of BT headphones as a “End of year” gift from work (it was that, or a sandwich maker, massage gun, etc.). As part of the testing process, I loaded up the Mists of Pandaria soundtrack, which is one of the first things I put on a new phone. It still gives me chills - such a great soundtrack.