[CS Lounge]: Maps and naps

Good morning Orlyia!


Make sure she does. That was my Mom’s downfall. Her knees hurt so she walked less and less until she couldn’t walk at all.


/puts out coffeh, tea, timbits, muffins and other sweets

trying to decide what class to play as for the live servers. thinking of settling on a new server for a change of pace, but i’m trying to figure out what class to start fresh as.

thinking Hunter was the one i had little issues with, so i may end up going with that…then again, i’ll probably be more devoted to classic than live, but it is, what it is.


A fun little followup from the DDOS attacks the other week was just posted in GD :wink:

Looks like law enforcement made an arrest even!


Good for them. Thanks for the info.


I had cortisone injections yesterday in mine. Discussed partial replacement. Not going to do it. In 5 years I’ll need complete. Right now I’m waiting to hear what my insurance says about a $2,000.00 knee brace.

I’m tired of -ists and -ologists.

I found a doctor that looks like she can treat several of my issues. Kind of an all in one. First open appointment for new patients is January 21st 2020.


I totally agree with you. I didn’t want to get a lumpectomy and worry forever if it will come back. It usually does. My Mom got it twice. I went total radical to have no more worries. Best decision I made. Why have surgery twice when once is better. Surgery hurts big time. I have 5 Drs on my payroll. Tired of that too. All want blood tests every visit plus the deductible. Adds up.

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trying a character on the Live server for the first time in 6 months, let alone after playing Classic for the past few weeks, is quite the shock.

i’m also encountering a problem with my character, though a thread on the issue was already made in the Bug Report, that was back in May, and it’s now mid Sept…and it seems to still be an issue, so…dunno what to do, other than return to Classic for now. :confused:

A few more Zandalari Emissaries and I’ll be Exalted and able to unlock the Zandalari Allied Race and I’ll have all of the Allied Races unlocked. :smiley:


I became exalted with the Zandi’s last week (3rd of 4 horde. Alliance, what’s that?)

Aik… reborn as a monk.

Saving rest bonus now. I’m eagerly awaiting a full blue bar before heading out.

Hey TW, the missus has been looking at a replacement (knees I’m assuming) for years. They keep pushing it back because of the pace of technology. Might as well assume technology advances fast for many implants (going Borg of course). Up here in MN, we see great advances in medical technologies. Stay well.

For all others…

Enjoy the :popcorn:… Aik lives (might even get past level 10)


Had access to the Zandalari for a long while now. Used my BFA boost on a druid, then kind of shelved him. Dusted him off last week though, and now he is 120 and working through quests for rep, gold, and frankly just to get rid of them.


I just finished getting a priest to level 120. My 12th. Only 38 more to go. :rofl:


I only recently decided I wanted to play one. I had no interest in them for most of BFA so i didn’t bother too much with the rep. I have a renewed desire to play and to try and level one of each class to at least 110. I’d like to complete all of the class hall quest lines some day.

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fluffs and vacuums Bunny Gnome
So this is where the Dust Bunnies are coming from!

/y The Gnomes are replicating themselves again!

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Fun fact for the day
Originally developed in the '40s as a mixer for whiskey: “Originally a 19th-century slang term for whiskey, especially Highland Scotch whiskey, the Mountain Dew name was trademarked for the soft drink in 1948.”
from the mountain dew wiki

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i wouldn’t mind finishing off Legion’s story and unlocking flight there…though the classes i’d like to play…well. :confused:

don’t look at me, i’ve been busy with Classic and RL to clone gnomes…besides i haven’t been an Engineer (let alone a Gnomish one) in ages. speaking of which…never did have the desire to play a Gnome before…no offense to those who do now. it’s just a race that doesn’t suit me. kinda like Forsaken and Trolls.

Here’re some cute skirts for some of your centaur-ey friends, Vrakthris. :o


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Don’t take my pets!


“dustbunnies” for pets. …eh, i don’t judge. i’m too tired to judge anyway. .-.