[CS Lounge] Happy Thoughts

I was sorta hoping that Crabby would make a return to the forums today



& in game!


We here in Mich :raised_hand:need a pick me up. It even snowed on my birthday! What a bummer that was to see. It’s still here too. :angry:

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I love to see it snow down south here but I also love to see it go; Still though I would like to see another but the last time it snowed here in April was in 1983 it snowed from the 18th to the 22nd with measurable snow from the mountains all the way to Fort Bragg. :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

Back in the 1980’s I was dating a woman that lived in Green Bay, Wisconsin (Flying back and forth for almost a year) and I remember her telling me that she remembered when she was a young teenager that it snowed there on July 4th while her father was outside washing and waxing their car. Too cold for me up there, Burrrr. :cold_face:

When/if ya think they’ll release the joke patch note.

This one?

Last I saw it hadn’t been stickied.

Do not trust anything today!


pokes Gnomes

Thank you Blizzard for putting in the item restore feature. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I was running old raids for pets and some how vendered my 400 level boots and was running around in level 116’s for who knows how long. That’s what I get for picking up transmogs and not paying attention. Crawls off into a corner all red faced.:flushed:
And for some reason all the help pages were in Spanish. I had to find the English version. Must be an April fool joke.


Been there, did that. I created an outfit in the Equipment manager with my current gear before I start. Then I click that outfit before I vendor/de.

It may not be a joke. Mine has been doing that for a while.

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Eh, not comfortable leaving the house for long with these contractors here.
So much for a park visit.

i wanted to stop by and thank everyone for the kind words. I am doing better.

I started playing the Sims 3 again last night since I don’t need an internet connection for it. I wasn’t sure if I felt like getting back to playing it again but before I knew it, 2 hours had passed. :rofl: Mass Effect 1 & 2 used to be my go to but I am burnt out on them.


A couple of my old guildmates, still talk to them, helped make Mass Effect. One of them cancelled his internet at home and just raided at work, since he had to stay late and test build stability etc as part of his job. So he would push a button run an hour build sim test, and raid with us. Then aggregate the data between boss pulls and do his thing, and run another build test.

Our raid leader was much luckier and did not have to stay late and could go home to his wife…so you know he could raid from the comfort of his home haha. She raided with us though, so it was all good.


Back from the docs. He said the depression is to be expected after what I have gone though so far this year. But he did change my meds as my injections was killing the pocketbook.


You can tell I’m bored when I’m downloading D2. Maybe with I’ll be able to sit through it this time.

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Nice, absolutely have nothing to do tomorrow. No appointments for me or dad, and no playing Uber.

Gonna sleep in late and then work on my chores. Tomorrow is payday for me too

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Now that I’ve played D3 a bunch it’s a little easier to get into the swing of D2. But I’m on Blood Raven which seems to be a litmus test of sorts.

When I mouse-over the potion belt I see another list of four potions pop up. Is that the list for the second equipment load-out?

Something something blah blah “great minds.” You know who you are. :wink:

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So you’re a pint in already?