[CS LOUNGE] Country roads, take me home

Good morning everyone, looks like I missed a party last night. D:

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Nice looking neighborhood and I love it when people take the time to preserve the true wood that was used in the home, I know it’s time consuming. But well done there sir, Very nice looking home you have.

Down where I’m from in Wilmington, N.C. there are homes that you can pick up really reasonable in the downtown area that were built in the 1700’s but there’s a catch; The homes have to be restored and maintained to their original design all the way down to the type of wood that was used, One man I know said that he had to order some type of wood from Maine for part of his house because that’s the only place he said that he could find it. (He may have been filling me full of it but I didn’t bother to check, I took him at his word)

I created a character a couple of hours ago finally, Maybe I’m in Beta or it could be that they’re leaving it open for a while, who knows.

Most American chestnut trees were wiped out by a blight in the early 20th century, they’re still considered Critically Endangered, so no lumber anymore.

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Just put my flag out for Memorial weekend. My dad was a Korean war vet. He was a sharpshooter and got blown up with a grenade. He barely made it. It didn’t help that he had allergies and kept sneezing his stiches open. When his mom got the letter of his injuries she died of a heart attack. He taught us daughters (no sons) to respect guns. This weekend reminds me how much I miss him.:us:


It’s open until 6pm Pacific.

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I’ve never ever used defrost on my microwave. had to figure it out. Didn’t work like I thought it would.

Someone forgot to defrost the chicken. I HATE defrosting via microwave, but floating it in water will take too long.

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Microwave defrost just cooks it funky. I never use it. That’s why I keep a bag of frozen Chinese in the freezer for the days I mess up.


Yeah, I modified what I’m making. I’m using some jerk seasoning to disguise that funky taste defrosting with the microwave causes.

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Someone huh?


Kitchen Gnomes?


Who called for dessert?

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Turtle pie.

Mrs. Smith


My dad would love that… probably.
He loves the little chocolate turtle candies.

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Late afternoon naps are tricksy…

I read that wrong, and was about to ask why I was being blamed…


Two reasons why you would. Though they boil down to the former. Me or because Taa left.

Deep seated guilt about a burned chicken in your past?


A Freudian Slip of some sort?


Or, just because your paranoid, that doesn’t mean their not out to get you! :arrow_right::eye::arrow_left:

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My Dad always says that last one.


Guess Blizzard is wishing to test our resolve in our desire to keep N’Zoth’s Gift, lol. The constant whispers are interesting – just wish I could understand more of what it is actually saying.